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Hey, Truvvi

October 08, 2019


Let’s talk expansion.

No, not energy expansion.

Nationwide expansion. Nationwide opportunity. It’s coming in 2020.

Meet Truvvi

From the jump, our business model has been centered on creating value for your customers and savings when we can swing it.

Truvvi is an exclusive membership platform that rolls both into one seamless experience: Value in the form of maximum cash back on stuff you buy every day; savings in the form of unpublished rates on travel essentials. Hotels, car rentals, cruises, condos, you name it.

And if a member finds a better deal? Our best price promise guarantees we’ll refund them 110% of the difference.

That’s Truvvi in a nutshell. And this is only the beginning.

1 Million Questions

You’ve got ‘em, we know. For now, there’s really only one answer: More will be revealed in time. The official launch has to be just right, and that’s going to take some time.

So for now, be patient with us. Truvvi will be worth the wait!

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