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Take the My Y Video Challenge

September 21, 2019

All of our Kynect stories begin the same: with a why. It’s the reason you’re here. It’s why you get up every day and work to be better. When you share this part of yourself with someone new, you show them you trust Kynect to help you satisfy your why…and they can too.

You should share your why as often as possible so people can connect with you and your story. Why not start right now with the My Y video challenge?

Y Should You?

Not only can you share this video with prospects, but we may choose to feature it on our social channels, or even at an upcoming event!

Lights, Camera, You!

Shoot a quick 1-2 minute video (nothing fancy, we’ll give you some pointers below) that tells your story.

Tell us who you are, where you come from, what you do for a living. Then, segue into why you started your Kynect business. What’s your why? What does it mean to you? How is Kynect helping you, and how can it help others?

Director’s Chair 101

  • Shoot your video horizontally, not selfie style. Consider enlisting someone to record you.
  • Record in a quiet room. Background noise is distracting.
  • Keep a steady hand so your video isn’t shaky.
  • Get close (but not too close) to the camera—it loves you! Record yourself from the waist up if possible.

  • Choose your background wisely and don’t record in the car.
  • Keep smiling! Be warm, inviting and positive.
  • Keep your message brief but impactful. If you need a few takes to get it right, that’s OK. 

Dress Like You

As far as attire goes, wear what represents you best. Look presentable and confident; no need to dress to the nines.

Share It

When it comes to growing your business, no tool is more powerful than your story. After you shoot your video, share it on social media (use #whykynect so we can see, too!), through the Kynect Share app, text it, email it, however you can get it out there. You can even ask people to share it on their own social pages.

Show Us, Too!

Finally, share it with us, too! We want to know what drives you. We’ll choose some of the best ones to feature on Kynect’s social pages, future events and All-City Events!

You can upload your video to the link below or send it to the Life Kynected – Kynect Associates Facebook group in a private message on Facebook.

Submit Your Y






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