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Recap All Things Synergy on Kynect Live Tonight!

September 24, 2019

Kynect Live: Synergy Recap Edition

After the adrenaline rush that was Synergy, are you wondering what it takes to capitalize on everything we shared? Need a hand focusing your efforts for maximum results?

Tune in tomorrow for a very special Kynect Live, where we’ll go over the big announcements and teach you how to leverage those incredible promotions to help you build through the new year!

Kynect Live
September 24, 2019
7 p.m. CT (English)

Watch Here

O mirar en español a las 7:45 p.m. haga clic aquí.


We’ve got National Director Jim Spargur on deck to talk all things wireless (XTRA Unlimited, anyone?), plus Senior Director Krissy Cressler to walk us through her game plan coming out of Synergy.


And on the Spanish simulcast, National Director Oscar Rodriguez will give his insights on wireless, while Executive Director Nadyelli Rodriguez and Senior Director Onofre Rogel share their success stories.


If you’re interested in modeling your end-of-the-year blitz on the strategies of Kynect leaders, don’t miss this one!

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