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November 10, 2020

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Introducing the Kynect Foundation

September 21, 2019

While we were having the time of our lives celebrating the launch of Kynect, we also spent the weekend getting to know an integral piece of our company’s puzzle: The Kynect Foundation.


Headed by co-founder Pierre Koshakji, the Foundation was brought to life by Associates just like you as a way for us to come together and Kynect for good.

Our Why:
To inspire and empower the Kynect community to impact the lives of others.

Our Mission:
To make a positive impact on our nation’s heroes and children through our supporting partner agencies and with our time and treasures.

Our Values:
Trust. Excellence. Impactability. Integrity.

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Big Beginnings

At Synergy, this community’s deep commitment to giving back and helping change lives was on full display.


With your help, the Kynect Foundation is off to an amazing start. Let’s keep this momentum going! Go here to learn how to get involved locally with the Kynect for Community program.

In the meantime, anyone can donate funds at the link below. Feel free to contact the Foundation with any questions!

Make a Donation

Kynect Foundation Contact

P: 214-210-6345
E: KynectForGood@KynectFoundation.org

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