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All-City Speakers Spotlight: ND KC Young and ED Guy Pryor

October 01, 2019

After retiring from their full-time jobs, ND KC Young and ED Guy Pryor never realized the impact Kynect would have on their lives until they were able to pursue their passions while having financial freedom.


National Director KC Young

All-City Appearance: Atlanta, GA on October 8

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Her Why: Helping others reach their business goals.

“It has nothing to do with me anymore. I have been blessed to enjoy the fruit of my labors and I am here to help others see what this business can do.”

Her Training Style: “Lady P” encouragements

“Proper planning prospers plenty when you persevere; Always be prepared, never get caught in the process of preparation; Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready; Be your own [kind of] phenomenal as you move in progression; Be your own pillar in places of possibility; Be persistent with prayer and purpose; Be a woman of power and proclaim it with praise.”

Why should you go to an All-City?

KC sees these events as the best way to develop some of your biggest connections. She appreciates being able to share her reason for working with Kynect while also hearing why others work to build their business too.

“It is important to go because we are all growing, and you will miss out on opportunities you won’t get unless you are there. Stay plugged in and connected to the business.”


Executive Director Guy Pryor

All-City Appearance: Fort Worth, TX on October 7

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His Why: Bringing people together to enjoy a financially stable lifestyle.

“I feel like this company saved my life and kept me from either dying in the line of duty or a heart attack from stress. I’m super happy and blessed, so I feel like it is my obligation to share that.”

His Training Style: Family-mentality

“I try to spend as much time as possible to let them know that our team is a family and here to help. You aren’t on your own. If I can give someone another arrow in their quiver, that could be the difference between their success and failure.”

Why should you go to an All-City?

Guy believes that All-Cities are the best way to rejuvenate and kick-start your motivation for the business while learning new things from people that you may have never talked to before.

“All-Cities are probably one of the coolest events Kynect puts on. It’s a family reunion, rock concert and church service all in one. It puts you on track to reach where you want to be in your business.”


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