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September 10, 2019

Rate changes will go into effect across Texas, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania markets on 9/13. Check the Rates page then for new pricing. Expand

September 03, 2019

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All-City Speaker Spotlight: PD Stefan Rodriguez

September 06, 2019

Leading up to each new round of All-City Events, we’ll feature a few stories from Top Leaders who are set to appear in a city near you, including their take on the importance of these events to your business!

Growing up, Stefan was used to not having “extra.” But when it came to his wife and kids, not having enough wasn’t an option. A singular choice changed everything.

Presidential Director Stefan Rodriguez


All-City Appearance: King of Prussia, PA on September 11

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His Why: Time freedom to always be present for his family.

“My passion is coaching youth sports. One thing that drives me right now is hanging on to the freedom that lets me show up to practices and games, specifically for my children.”

His Training Style: Solution-focused

“You have to really focus on what someone's needs are. And you can’t really start painting a picture of what someone wants or needs until you understand what their burdens are.”

More About Stefan

Raised by a single mother alongside his two brothers, Stefan learned early on what it means to step up for the ones you love. As an adult with his own family to worry about, he knew something had to give when he didn’t have the money to pay bills, or the time to take on a third job. Kynect changed all of that.

“I didn't really understand the concept of recurring income and saw it just as extra cash. But I was willing to do the extra work and now I have something in my back pocket that can help a lot of people.”

Why Is All-City Important?

Stefan sees these events as a fool-proof way to stay plugged in and connected to the community. In turn, that keeps you engaged in your business. All too often, he sees people skip events, only to fade away from Kynect and quit altogether.

“What keeps us in the game is staying connected to our community. All-City is one event you put on the calendar each and every month that can pull you back up and get you where you need to be, or pull your momentum in the direction it needs to go. This is exactly what we need to keep us on track.”


Kynect does not guarantee all Associates will earn income. As with any business, results may vary. For statistics on earnings of average versus engaged Independent Associates, please visit wekynect.com/incomedisclosure.

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