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A Deeper Dive into Your Synergy Agenda

August 13, 2019

Get out your snorkels, Kynect Family, because we’re about to dive deep! Our first major event as Kynect will also serve as our official launch event, and this agenda is packed. We’re going to give you an overview of every aspect of it, but first: Are you registered?

Synergy 2019

September 20-21
Nashville, TN

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Friday, September 20

Checking In

EDs and above, punctuality is your friend! Show up on time to start checking in at 2 p.m. and grab your welcome gift. This’ll help ensure you have plenty of time to shop at the Kynect Store and pick up all your new swag before heading to the Leadership Meeting at 4 p.m.

All other Associates can check in anytime between 2 – 6 p.m. Pick up your badges, get your welcome gift and be among the first to shop for brand-new Kynect swag at the store. Your first event starts at 6 p.m.

Leadership Meeting

EDs and above will attend an exclusive Leadership Meeting to hear all the weekend’s announcements up front. As our Top Leaders, we think you should be the first to know what’s coming. Don’t miss this meeting if you want to be in the know.

Senior Directors, kick things into high gear and promote before Synergy so you can be in the room!

Official Kynect Launch Party  

Let’s get colorful! Hop on a shuttle bus to the Gaylord Pavilion (don’t forget your badge; you’ll need it to get in!) and get ready to be doused head-to-toe in bright colored powder. Wear white (your Synergy welcome gift will come in handy here—make sure you put it on!) and let loose. We want everyone to finish the night covered in a color explosion that matches the vibrancy of this community!

This will be a huge party, and that calls for music, dancing, lots of photo ops, food, drinks—the works. We’ve never thrown a celebration on this scale before, and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

Worried about getting messy? The powder washes out of clothes, but we’re not guaranteeing it won’t stain. So make sure you wear something you won’t mind getting dirty. Wash stations will be available if you want to wash your hands, and we’ll have No Powder Zones where color won’t be thrown.

Giving Back

The Kynect business is changing lives every day in the field, but we’re also dedicated to giving back to our communities in need. Throughout the weekend (and especially at the party) you’re going to see how giving back fits perfectly into Kynect’s DNA, starting with the reveal of our new foundation.

Saturday, September 21

The Big Reveal

Guys…this lineup. It’s no joke. Doors open at 9 a.m. so you have plenty of time to get to your seat by 10 a.m. and buckle in. Synergy’s all-star roster includes Kynect’s most powerful speakers who are ready to help you catch the vision for Kynect and your business.

The session also includes the weekend’s keynote speaker, Ray Higdon. Ray is one of the most successful network marketers in the world and he’s coming to Nashville to share what he knows with you. If you aren’t clued in to how powerful his message is, do yourself a favor and study up.

Opportunities like these come around once in a lifetime—be there.

Leadership Q&A with Ray Higdon

When we break for lunch, SDs and above will head off to a private lunch featuring Ray Higdon. You’ll have the chance to participate in a moderated Q&A with Ray, where you’ll be able to ask him your most burning questions.

Kynect to the Future

Our afternoon session is all about the incredible future we have in front of us. Kynect Founder Rob Snyder is going to cast the vision he has for us and this company’s amazing culture, plus training, announcements, and yes, maybe even a promotion or two. For attendees only, of course. You must be present to participate!

When our last session closes at 5 p.m., keep the good times rolling by linking up with your team and heading out into the heart of Music City! You can find some ideas in our Nashville guide, but there’s plenty more to see and do.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to celebrate the launch of this amazing company. This is the beginning of a brand-new era, and we can’t wait to welcome it with you!





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