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Rate changes in Texas, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania are now in effect. Check the Rates page for new pricing. Expand

September 10, 2019

Rate changes will go into effect across Texas, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania markets on 9/13. Check the Rates page then for new pricing. Expand

September 03, 2019

Increased TDU charges will go into effect across Texas on September 5. Check MyStream.com for new pricing. Expand

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How to Talk About Kynect & Stream

August 30, 2019

A previous version of a Direct Selling News article announcing the completion of NRG’s purchase of Stream’s energy business recently made the rounds on social media. In big (like, really big) letters, the article proudly declared “Stream Is Now Kynect!”

The thing is…that’s not true at all!


Stream didn’t become Kynect. In fact, Kynect and Stream are two entirely different companies now.

The article has since been corrected, but because many of you shared it and maybe even used it as a reference point when talking to people about Kynect, we wanted to make sure you’ve got the facts straight. Here are some talking points you can use to accurately explain the change:

  • Stream sold the energy operations portion of its business and the Stream brand to NRG.
  • The remaining network marketing portion of the business emerged as a new company: Kynect.
  • Kynect and Stream operate independently from each other.
  • Kynect is the exclusive marketer of Stream energy services.
  • As a Kynect Associate, I build my business by sharing Stream energy and Wireless Services with friends and family, just as I did before the sale.

It’s important to get those details just right, so keep them in mind next time you’re chatting with someone about our transition to Kynect!



Corporate News

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