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Coming 8/1: Required Energy Training

July 30, 2019

As you might expect, there will be lots of new things to see when we make the switch to Kynect official. But the very first thing you should do on August 1 is head to Kynect Central (the new Power Center) and complete a required Stream energy training. Maybe even before you brush your teeth that morning!


What’s this all about?

This is a new requirement for all Associates. Even if you’ve been in the biz since the beginning, getting accredited is mandatory.

It’s pretty painless: After a quick training video about Stream and energy deregulation, you’ll take (and pass!) an accreditation quiz and be on your way. If you share energy in a state that requires a badge (Delaware, Ohio or New York), this is where you’ll set that up as well.

What if I don’t take it?

Beginning October 30, 2019, if you haven’t completed the training and been accredited, customers won’t able to enroll with you as their Associate on your Homesite or MyStream.com. The referral box on MyStream.com will only show Associates who’ve been accredited.

This applies to new Associates, too. Before they can personally enroll energy customers, they need to get accredited. As you grow your team, make sure they know to check the accreditation training off their list ASAP.

We’ll also be updating the customer claim form. You won’t be able to claim customers who enrolled prior to you being accredited.

How do I take the training?

Starting August 1, you can access the Stream training portal from your Kynect Central (wekynect.com/central) homepage. Look for a new widget called “Stream’s Required Energy Training”.

The sooner you knock this out, the better. Then spread the word. Let your teams know this is coming and start including it as part of your new Associate training!





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