2 days ago

Rate changes in the Georgia and Northeast markets are now in effect. Check the Rates page for new pricing, including lower rates in GA and PA! Expand

4 days ago

Rate changes go into effect in GA and Northeast energy markets on 8/16. Check back Friday for new pricing. Hint: Some areas will see a decrease! Expand

July 30, 2019

Attention Associates! Make sure you join the NEW Life Kynected - Kynect Associates Facebook Group to stay kynected! Expand

July 27, 2019

Kynect's new phone number is officially live! Starting today, you and your customers will be able to reach us at 833-859-6328 Expand

July 22, 2019

Synergy early-bird pricing of $79 ends 7/31. Don't let the savings slip away! Expand

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Here’s Your Kynect Websites Update

July 29, 2019

With our new Kynect brand comes a slew of new websites! Here's what to expect going forward:


Your ultimate source for news and events will be getting an updated look and feel that reflects our Kynect brand on Monday evening. The new URL will be currents.wekynect.com but typing in the current site – currents.mystream.com – will still work and redirect you to the correct place. A new site link doesn’t change the fact that Currents is still your hub for everything Kynect. 

Your Homesite

The new domain for your homesite will be “yourdomain.wekynect.com”. To give time for you to transition your business, your current homesite at “yourdomain.mystream.com” will redirect to your Kynect homesite for the next six months.

Other Website Links

We created a quick reference guide that lists all the links you’ll need as we transition, but let’s outline them here again for good measure:

  • Kynect – wekynect.com
  • Kynect Central – wekynect.com/central
  • Events – wekynect.com/events
  • Kynect Store – wekynect.com/store
  • Wireless – wekynect.com/wireless
  • Wireless Device Store – wekynect.com/wirelessstore

With the exception of Currents, all of the new website links and URLs above will be live on August 1. If you or your customers need to contact Stream for support with your energy services, you can still visit MyStream.com to contact them directly, or follow Stream Energy on social media @mystreamsocial.

Social Media

Follow along with us on the journey of Kynect on all social media platforms!



Corporate News

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