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Rate changes in the Georgia and Northeast markets are now in effect. Check the Rates page for new pricing, including lower rates in GA and PA! Expand

4 days ago

Rate changes go into effect in GA and Northeast energy markets on 8/16. Check back Friday for new pricing. Hint: Some areas will see a decrease! Expand

July 30, 2019

Attention Associates! Make sure you join the NEW Life Kynected - Kynect Associates Facebook Group to stay kynected! Expand

July 27, 2019

Kynect's new phone number is officially live! Starting today, you and your customers will be able to reach us at 833-859-6328 Expand

July 22, 2019

Synergy early-bird pricing of $79 ends 7/31. Don't let the savings slip away! Expand

Corporate News

Welcome to Kynect!

August 01, 2019


Well, hello there, Kynect Associate. We’ve been busy bees getting everything ready for you to enjoy the very beginning of this exciting new era. Some things have changed (obviously) and we’ve compiled them all right here in your survival guide to Kynect!

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Complete Stream’s Required Energy Training

There’s a lot of cool new things to see, but the very first thing you should do is head to the Kynect Central homepage to complete Stream’s required energy training. ASAP. This is a new requirement for all Associates, new and existing, to be able to enroll energy customers.

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Go to Kynect Central

Check Out the New BP

A snazzy new Business Presentation is ready for download. Head to Kynect Central to get the new video and presentation now. This is the only presentation you should use to show the plan moving forward!

Your Homesite

The new domain for your Homesite will be “yourdomain.wekynect.com”. To give time for you to transition your business, your current Homesite at “yourdomain.mystream.com” will redirect to your Kynect Homesite for the next six months.

Swag & Such

The Kynect Store is up and running so you can stock up on new gear for your business and retire your Stream swag. You guys have done a phenomenal job of embracing and promoting the Kynect brand already, but we just wanted to make a few things crystal clear so there’s no confusion.

From now on, you should always and only represent yourself as a Kynect Associate (duh, right?), and that means no flashing Stream-branded merch as you promote your business. Besides clothing, this also includes…

  • Car decals
  • License plate covers
  • Flyers
  • Yard signs
  • Business cards

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Updated Compensation Plan + Important Documents

A few important documents have gotten a makeover to reflect the Kynect brand requirements. The Associate Style Guide is included in that, which you’ll notice has been updated to say you can no longer create Stream/energy-related content to promote your business.

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Automated Phone System Cheat Sheet

The phone system is constantly updated based on your feedback. Here’s a map to master it.

Download Phone Guide

New Recognition Gifts

The whirlwind transition to Kynect required a lot of quick turnarounds to rebrand key assets, but some things just can’t be rushed. When Associates promote, we want the experience of receiving a Kynect recognition gift to be unforgettable, so we’re taking a little extra time to get them just right. That includes your recognition pins.

There’s going to be a delay in getting these to you, and for that, we apologize. But just wait til you see ‘em! In the meantime, please don’t wear your Stream pins.

Bon Voyage, Digital Voice

As a reminder, Digital Voice was removed from our service lineup. Of course, your customers and your MEI are taken care of!

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