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Stream is making it easier for customers to pay their deposits! Expand

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Exciting rate updates are coming to the Northeast on February 18. Expand

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We have an update on the merger that could change your Wireless business! Expand

February 07, 2020

A new plan and rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets for renewing customers on February 10. Check the Rates page on February 10 for new pricing. Expand

February 04, 2020

Important note when calling Stream Texas Customer Support this week. Expand

February 01, 2020

DFW Associates, lace up your running shoes! We’re teaming up with the Kynect Foundation to participate in a 5K benefiting Hope Supply Co. Expand

January 31, 2020

Rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets on February 3. Check the Rates page on February 3 for new pricing. Expand

January 28, 2020

The support team is changing how they handle helping you out with Kynect Pro. Take a look! Expand

January 23, 2020

Great news: All customer enrollments are back online! Expand


BIG Item of Discussion: Marketing Your Business

July 09, 2019

Earlier this year, our updated Policies & Procedures introduced new rules around how you market our services. In May, we mentioned these changes impacted cold market internet advertising (like Google ads) and booths, but they also change the rules around creating websites. Let’s take a closer look.

Cold Internet Marketing

While it may seem like a quick way to expand your business, cold marketing can have adverse effects. In Kynect’s case, it’s resulted in some bad debt as customers leave us hanging with unpaid bills and you with unearned MEI. So your warm market is the (only!) way to go.

That means cold marketing of any kind is off limits, including cold internet marketing. Paid social media boosting and paid ads, through sites like Google and Bing, aren’t allowed, as well as ads through non-paid websites.


Having a booth at a trade show, vendor fair or other events has been allowed in the past, but we recently reinstated the policy prohibiting that marketing method to help protect your business.


Creating your own website isn’t totally outlawed, depending on what the website’s purpose is. While you can’t create a website or blog to market services or the business, Executive Directors and above can launch a site to host trainings for their teams or even the entire Associate community.

A site like this must be approved by BIG and the Field Sales team before going live and meet these requirements:

  • The site doesn’t solicit for our services or the opportunity.
  • All content is original.
  • No corporate-created materials are used.

You’ll need to make sure all the information is kept up-to-date and include an approved income disclosure if you use any statement that mentions earnings or incentives that exceed the average Associate’s earnings.

If you have any questions about these policy changes or anything else, send a message to BIG@wekynect.com .





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