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Rate changes in the Georgia and Northeast markets are now in effect. Check the Rates page for new pricing, including lower rates in GA and PA! Expand

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Rate changes go into effect in GA and Northeast energy markets on 8/16. Check back Friday for new pricing. Hint: Some areas will see a decrease! Expand

July 30, 2019

Attention Associates! Make sure you join the NEW Life Kynected - Kynect Associates Facebook Group to stay kynected! Expand

July 27, 2019

Kynect's new phone number is officially live! Starting today, you and your customers will be able to reach us at 833-859-6328 Expand

July 22, 2019

Synergy early-bird pricing of $79 ends 7/31. Don't let the savings slip away! Expand


Meet the Early 2020 300 Club Qualifiers

2 days ago

Congratulations to the Associates who’ve achieved qualifications for the 2020 300 Club! We’re only half way through the year and already, so many of you have buckled down to work hard with your teams. And now, these amazing incentives are just within your reach: 

  • MEI Bonus: Open to Managing Directors and above
  • Mercedes-Benz Car Program: Open to Managing Directors and above
  • Kynect Getaway: Open to Managing Directors and above who have achieved end of year 300 Club qualifications
  • Top Performers Trip: Open to Executive Directors and above who have achieved end of year 300 Club qualifications

If you’re on the outside looking in, keep going. You can claim your spot on this list before the year is up. We know you can do it!

Here's who's qualified so far. Check back weekly for your name in the updates!

National Directors

Presley & Jeanie Swagerty
Miguel & Blanca Morales
Mark Florez
Oscar & Araceli Rodriguez
Dr. Terry & KC Young
Jim & Lalie Spargur
Greg & Heather McCord
Elbert & Labeebah Thomas
Mark & La Dohn Dean
Trey & Sally Dyer
Donny & Susan Anderson
James Levins
Randy & Marcie Hedge

Presidential Directors

George Koufalis
Michael & Danene Foti
Terri & Bryan Hatch
Cobi Ben-Bassat
Winchel & Felicia Elibert
Willa Gipson
Stefan & Nancy Rodriguez
Jerry & Monica Scribner
Susan Fisher
Michelle & Randall Blackmon
Gabriel & Veronica Morales
Michael Whitfield
Jay Veal

Executive Directors 

Angie Kriner-Doorfee & Keith Naugle
Anthony & Tiffany Cooper
Mark Evans
Michael J Lerman
Sandra Cuellar & Tacho Rocha
Roque Hernandez
Marcos Gomez & Glenys Soriano
Alex & Nadyelli Rodriguez
Jason Bias
Karen & Ruben Santiago
Ronnie & Laura Millen
Jeff & Kristina Stier
Cedrick Rembert
Luis & Marytza Gonzalez
Amy & Jordan Nadell
Brian & Karen Dilsheimer
Antonio Gutierrez
Maria Huerta & Donal Picazo
Brett & Jackie Morrow
Shane Callwood
Diana & Ed Alcocer*

Senior Directors 

Beverly Coover-Pirone
Jack Castella
Eric Villalta
Tara Woodman
Andrew & Jennifer Moyer
Faith Ware
Anthokeya L & Arlington Burney
Lori & Frank Morello

Managing Directors

Fred Luthy


As a reminder, to remain eligible for those incentives Associates must maintain qualifications through December 31, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. CST.

*This week's additions.

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