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Congratulations New Executive Director Cedrick Rembert!

June 05, 2019

We’re proud to announce that Cedrick Rembert has promoted to the prestigious rank of Executive Director! Join us in congratulating him on this incredible accomplishment, and read on to hear how a simple friendship helped Cedrick realize his dream of a solid Plan B.

First Came Friendship

After earning a chemical engineering degree and MBA, Cedrick built an impressive career as an IT Sales Engineer. But after 19 years of working in a corporate environment, uncertainty fueled his desire to have a solid backup plan. 

“While I have been successful in Corporate America, I have always wanted a solid plan B [because] I have experienced my employer telling me my services were no longer needed,” he said. “Based on that experience, I never again want to be unprepared for life.”

When Anthony Cooper presented the Opportunity, Cedrick didn’t want to get involved. He had a negative view of all multi-level marketing companies and didn’t know much about Anthony at the time. Soon, that ‘No’ evolved into a friendship and Anthony’s success inspired Cedrick to give Kynect a try. 

“I always say I did not join Kynect, I joined my friend,” he said, “yet during the process I was fortunate enough to understand the business opportunity and its value add to me utilizing my natural skillsets.”

His Why was simple – to retire by 50 and be able to choose whether he wanted to work or not. Along the way, he tapped into his love of giving and now says he’s more motivated by that than personal gain.

Success Came Second

Encouraged to attend Kynection 2018, Cedrick left the big event with a new outlook about the business. After just six months, he promoted to Senior Director and started to see how his efforts directly contributed to the new success he’d found.

“This is around the time that I began to feel comfortable and I was starting to understand the business and how to make it work for me and my team,” he said. “I took on a ‘No Lose’ attitude and decided to go all in.”

Cedrick hit a groove and spread his wealth of knowledge to others. He set a strong pace for four Associates to promote to Senior Director in under three months and built six SDs in his Senior Director code before rank advancing to Executive Director. In a moment of serendipity, Cedrick’s favorite moment came after his second promoted SD. The last customer point that triggered the promotion also propelled him to the 300 Club, all in just 10 months. 

“The beauty and value of promoting is to know that you had to help others on your team see success as well,” Cedrick said. “As I grow and prosper, so does my team [and] in this business, you are always looking for your replacement.”

Cedrick’s team, Team of Action, gave him the nickname of the Human Torch. Presidential Director Winchel Elibert said the team is extremely proud of his accomplishments in such a short amount of time. 

“He worked hand-in-hand with ED Anthony Cooper a.k.a. Half Man-Half Amazing. It was only fitting that he was able to accomplish this three months faster than Anthony,” Winchel said. “As Anthony likes to say, ‘If you focus on the process the results will speak for itself.' This truly represents Cedrick's efforts.”

Growth Turned to Goals

Finding success wasn’t easy for Cedrick. He had to overcome a fear of rejection that, at least, kept him reaching out to others. He learned to embrace the ‘No’s, the same kind that he gave in the beginning.

“Once I embraced the notion that being told no is ok and I understood the true value of this opportunity, I lost the fear of sharing and I talk about Kynect on a daily basis,” he said. 

Armed with a supportive team and a desire to see others change their lives, Cedrick is focused on reaching his next set of long-term goals that include promoting to National Director, developing a Senior Director in every state, and participating in every All-City BP event sponsored by the corporate offices at least once. His advice to others is to stay consistent, connected and focused on others. 

“If you focus on making other people successful you will benefit and be successful by default,” he said. “As I go through life and things happen, I am no longer afraid of what’s to come. The excitement and confidence that I have in Kynect allows me to approach life in a more optimistic manner.”

VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila sent his congratulations after Cedrick’s promotion. 

“On behalf of the entire corporate team, it is our honor to congratulate Cedrick on this amazing accomplishment,” he said. “What he has been able to achieve in just under a year and half is truly remarkable and a testament to this group's teamwork.”




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