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BIG Item of Discussion: New Policies and Procedures

May 14, 2019

Your new Policies & Procedures are here! 

The BIG team has been working hard to complete a refresh of Kynect’s Policies & Procedures. In addition to a few policy updates, we’ve also refreshed the look and feel of the entire document, including simplified language and examples in each section to make them easier to understand. 

Although we do recommend that you read the new document in its entirety, we’ve highlighted a few key changes below. 

Section 4.6 – Reactivation/Retreading: The One-Year Rule 

There have been several changes to this rule. Specifically, an Associate is now only allowed to request re-enrollment in the Kynect Opportunity one time, and they must have been in an “inactive” or “cancelled” status for at least one year. Additionally, the request must be submitted using the Retread Request Form (available from Associate Support). This form can only be submitted by the previous Associate and is subject to approval by the Associate Support Manager. 

Section 7 – Marketing, Selling & Advertising 

You will find several changes in this section that specifically addresses cold market recruiting for customers. As many of you know, as a company we have turned our focus back to the warm market approach after a dramatic increase in bad debt directly related to the cold market activity of our Associates. We encourage each Associate to leverage their warm market rather than using cold market practices when soliciting for customers. 

Kynect is no longer allowing Associates to use cold market internet marketing to solicit customers. This means using paid Google, Bing, and other search engine ads is strictly prohibited, and also includes other website and social media paid advertisements as well. Additionally, the recent cold market prohibition affects customer solicitations at booths and tradeshows. 

Section 9.9 – Stacking or Placements 

With the renewed focus on warm market, it is important to avoid stacking or placing customers under other Associates. Stacking, or as you may have heard it referred to recently – placement, is the placing or giving of a customer to someone with which they do not have a relationship. Our company’s strength has always been building relationships, and without them, customers are less likely to stay with Kynect even for the duration of their contracts. When a customer knows that they’ll see you at a PTA meeting or Sunday church, they think twice about walking away from their power bill or claiming you fraudulently enrolled them. Relationships don’t exist when you’re just a name on a flyer.

To review these and all other policy updates check out the full document in Kynect Central. As always, if you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us at big@wekynect.com.





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