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November 29, 2019

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BIG Item of Discussion: Disclaimers FAQ

February 12, 2019

The Business Integrity Group has been spreading the word of income claims do’s and don’ts the past several months in an effort to protect your business. A few questions have popped up frequently since then regarding disclaimers—see if yours is answered below!

Q: When do I need a disclaimer?
A: Use a disclaimer any time you post about the Opportunity or the incredible perks of being an Associate. When in doubt, use the Income Claims Checklist from your Kynect Central. 

Q: Why do I need a disclaimer?
A: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is pretty clear on its position: Any income or lifestyle claim that doesn’t represent the average Associate experience could be considered misleading. They recommend including disclaimers to add more context and clarity around what’s being said or shown. It’s a simple way to ensure your audience is fully informed about what it takes to be successful at Kynect.

Q: Can I create my own disclaimers?
A: Nope! Disclaimers must include a lot of specific percentages and other key details—information you wouldn’t have as an Associate. So, leave it up to BIG and Kynect’s legal team to crunch the numbers and create a compliant disclaimer.

Q: Does it have to be in a certain place on the post? If so, where?
A: Always make sure your disclaimer is in a clear and noticeable place on your post. Place it on an image if you post a picture, or place it under your statement if it’s just text. If you’re making a video, make sure to say it out loud.

Do you have a question not answered here? You can always contact BIG at BIG@wekynect.com 






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