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Martin Augustine Is Your Newest Executive Director!

December 21, 2018

We only have 12 days left to #Finish2018Strong and another one of our Kynect Leaders has done just that, promoting to Executive Director during our Become a Leader, Develop Leaders Promotion! Let’s give a big Kynect congratulations to Martin Augustine!

Martin, from Smyrna, GA, worked 90 hours a week as a police detective and on specialty teams delivering high risk warrants and working with SWAT. He had never worked for a network marketing company before, and says he literally ran any time he heard it, but he couldn’t run from a steadfast friend.

“Senior Director Anthony Cooper kept after me until I said yes, but after understanding the business I would say yes a hundred times over,” Martin said.


Martin’s Aha! moment came in 2015 at Connect in Orlando, Florida. He joined Kynect that August and began building his Kynect business to buy back his time and live life on his own terms. Although he initially joined to support Anthony, his Why quickly became his two daughters, Sage and Shia, and Martin doesn’t see his Why changing.

“I often say that ‘If there was only enough air on earth for two people to breathe, I would stop breathing so they could continue to live,’” Martin said. “I promised them that I would build this business to a point that they would never have to punch a clock, that they would work with a company, never working for a company to earn a living.”

Martin soon become known for his own consistency, picking up the nickname ‘The Closer.’ Presidential Director Winchel Elibert said that whenever he would call to check in with Martin, his response was always the same.

"Martin Augustine aka The Closer is very persistent and consistent in staying true to his Why,” Winchel said. “I am so proud of him and congratulate him on making one of his dreams become a reality."

Martin said he likes that Kynect gives everyday people the opportunity to build wealth no matter their background, and that his life has changed because of the relationships that he’s made along the way. His short- and long-term goals are pretty plain and simple: rank advancing to Presidential and National Director, respectively.

Presidential Director Bernadette Wright invoked John Quincy Adams while congratulating Martin: If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

“They don’t call Martin Augustine ‘The Closer’ for nothing,” Wright said. “Interestingly enough, it isn't really about his ability to recruit – it is about his ability to inspire. Whether he is standing in front of the room doing his ‘Mercedes Dance’ or talking to you one-on-one, you always get the same Martin. His ability to connect with everyone in the room is quite frankly a gift. Initially, I thought it was just because he is naturally hilarious. I later realized that even when he wasn’t making people laugh, the same light still shined brightly. People are attracted to his JOY. He leads with love, compassion, transparency and a has a genuine heart for service. I have watched him not only become a leader, but develop and coach others to become leaders. My heart is beyond full at this accomplishment and I expect to see much more from him in the years to come. Congratulations Executive Director Martin Augustine!” 




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