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July 16, 2021

ACN + Kynect Family,


To say the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of change, excitement, and all out craziness is probably the understatement of the century. However, I could not be more thrilled about the direction we’re going. Everything we've asked for over the years has been delivered by combining forces with ACN.


14 services, 27 countries, and 28 years of experience now supporting us….this opportunity is THE best!


Today, I’m excited to share that, effective immediately, I’m returning to the field to begin building my business as an ACN + Kynect IBO. I’m doing it alongside all of you—our Kynect Family and friends—who have fueled my passion for this business since I started 15 years ago.


I’m doing it because I believe in us as a community and the massive opportunity that is now ACN + Kynect.


In 2005, I watched Texas explode, and did nothing. In 2008, I flew out to Georgia, watched as that market exploded, and did nothing. I vowed to NEVER AGAIN sit on the sidelines at the beginning of something earthshattering. And here we are again. 


It’s time to jump back in.

Our time is now.


I’ll be joining Bearj Jehanian and Brian Dilsheimer on Sunday Night Live this week to talk more about the future and why I believe this is the greatest thing to ever happen to our Ignite/Stream/Kynect Family. You can watch on the Facebook group page here.


I’ll see you in the field, effective immediately.


To your success,


Ryan Morris



Corporate News

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