April 23, 2021

New energy rates in Georgia are now in effect! Check the Rates page for new pricing. Expand

April 14, 2021

Heads up! New rates in Northeast, Midwest and Georgia markets will go into effect on Friday, April 16. Expand


Check Out the New & Improved EnergyPLUS Widget!

April 28, 2021

Knowledge is power! Especially when it comes to your earnings. Your business is a complex machine, but the right tools can help you simplify the data behind it. Enter the new and improved EnergyPLUS widget in Kynect Central!


Recent enhancements will give you a more detailed view of invoice counts, sorted by product, to make it easier to understand your payouts. Now, you’ll be able to see excluded invoices, which include minimum usage customers and those who enrolled prior to September 1, 2013.


By default, your widget will look like this. It’s the summary view of your EnergyPLUS progress so far.


EnergyPLUS Widget


Click the arrow to expand into the detailed view. Here, everything is separated out so you can dig into the data.



EnergyPLUS Widget


Make your way to Kynect Central now to see your new widget in action!

Go to Kynect Central






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