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Online + Inbound Telephonic Enrollment Process Change in IL

October 21, 2020

Just in from Stream: Effective Thursday, October 22, the Illinois (IL) third-party verification (TPV) process is changing in 2 ways:

  • TPVs will no longer be required for any inbound Illinois telephonic enrollments. Note if there are any outbound telephonic enrollments, those still would require a TPV.
  • TPV will be required for all Illinois web enrollments.

As noted above, if your customer enrolls online, a TPV call will now be required post-enrollment. The customer will receive an “action required” screen that prompts them to call into Stream’s Customer Support. This is independent of whether or not the customer has passed or failed ID verifications.


As a reminder, TPV calls are a regulatory requirement that add an additional step to the enrollment process to help safeguard your customer’s account and identity. As always, should never participate in these calls. 




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