April 23, 2021

New energy rates in Georgia are now in effect! Check the Rates page for new pricing. Expand

April 14, 2021

Heads up! New rates in Northeast, Midwest and Georgia markets will go into effect on Friday, April 16. Expand


Live on Monday: New Compensation Plan

July 10, 2020

It’s getting close, y’all! Our newly overhauled Compensation Plan goes live Monday, July 13. Are you and your teams prepared to move forward under the new requirements? It’s not too late to put a strategy in place. Start by getting aligned with the pillars that guided the design of the new plan:


Nationwide growth

Long-term stability

Simplicity and speed

View Compensation Plan

Getting Paid on Personal Customers: Referral Income

As a reminder, you won’t be earning MEI on personal level customers under the new plan. That’s what Referral Income is for! This program is made up of 2 earning opportunities: EnergyPLUS for your personal energy enrollments (duh), and Referral Bonuses for the sales of all other services. There is significant earning potential on the table with this program, so be ready to get going on the 13th.

View Referral Income Guide

Updated Policies & Procedures

Last but not least, our Policies & Procedures got some love to reflect changes to the Compensation Plan, among other things. Give them a careful read ahead of the 13th to keep your business running smoothly.

View Policies & Procedures




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