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Congratulations New EDs Minerva Lopez & Victor Osorio!

March 05, 2020

One day, like so many people before her, Minerva Lopez looked around at her corporate job and decided it wasn’t for her. Not only was she losing precious time with her family, but she was missing the satisfaction of reaching out and helping others. 

And so, she became an educator, where she could watch her impact take hold. Minerva could see she was making a difference in her students’ lives. It made her happy. So when a co-worker approached her with a network marketing opportunity in 2016, she quickly dismissed it.  

“I had been involved in the industry before. I thought it would be one of those companies where I would have to buy things and try to sell them,” she said. “I thought I wouldn’t have the time.” Turns out, she just hadn’t seen all the information yet. 


The Big Picture


It was Senior Director Rutho Occilien-Similien who made sure Minerva and her husband, Victor Osorio, got the full picture before he let them say “no” again. Then, everything clicked. This was different.



“I loved the simplicity of offering a service everyone needs,” Minerva said. She saw how it could help many people, including her own family. While they weren’t struggling financially, Minerva and Victor had dreamed of creating more memories with their 3 boys. More importantly, the couple wanted to be an example to them. To inspire them to do more for themselves.


They were ready to dream bigger.


More of What Matters


Patience, persistence and an incredible support system in Team of Action made all the difference. Minerva and Victor grew their business steadily and began seeing the results they dreamed of. One of the first things they did to celebrate was take their first vacation alone, without the kids, after 22 years of marriage.


Then, it was back to business. Over time, Minerva says Kynect has sharpened her into a more effective leader and rewarded her tenacity in ways she never imagined.



“The best feeling ever is to help others achieve their dreams. I truly enjoy making someone else smile. It makes me smile”


Presidential Director Winchel Elibert has witnessed the character of these leaders firsthand and knows they’re going to continue inspiring change in others.


“T.O.A. is so proud of our newest power couple for being so persistent in chasing their dreams, utilizing Kynect as their vehicle,” he said. “Not only were they able to leverage their time to care for Minerva’s father and attend all their son’s baseball games, they were able to help lead so many others to be on track to achieve their goals as well. We wish them a grand congratulations!”


Minerva said their next step with Kynect is to continue looking for more leaders and hopefully inspiring someone else to live life to the fullest. It’s an opportunity she couldn’t possibly keep to herself.


“Kynect is family. Kynect is self-development. Kynect is about not settling in life. We are extremely excited about what the next 5 years holds for us!”



Kynect does not guarantee all Associates will earn income. As with any business, results may vary. For statistics on earnings of average versus engaged Independent Associates, please visit wekynect.com/incomedisclosure.



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