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Top Leader Secrets: Leveraging Get Kynected Magazine

March 27, 2020

Not sure what to do with your copies of Get Kynected magazine? This tool can be a major boon to your business if used correctly—and there’s no single “right” way to do it. The trick is finding what works best for you and staying consistent.


We’ll get you started with some basic tips:


1. The most important benefit of the magazine is already built in: Credibility. No matter how you end up sharing it, this tool shows prospects we aren’t some flash-in-the-pan operation. We have a rich history, unbelievable culture, and powerful success stories from people from all walks of life. It’s all here in the magazine.


2. Speaking of success stories, highlight those your prospect can really relate to so they understand this business can be for anyone. For example, if you’re talking with a teacher about the business, show them the feature on Executive Director Ronnie Millen, who retired as an educator, and his wife Laura.


3. Treat your magazines like gold. When you let a prospect borrow a copy, ask them to return it to you within 24-48 hours. This creates a sense of urgency for them to flip through it and get back to you.


4. Always, always keep your contact info in your magazines! There’s a place in the back to fill in your details. If you let a prospect keep a copy for a day or 2, make it easy for them reach out if they have questions or are excited to talk about next steps.



Many of our Top Leaders have already reported back with some powerful testimonials about their experience with the magazine so far. Check it out!



Presidential Director Willa Gipson


“Just signed up a new Associate right after Kynection on Demand and had this amazing tool to share with them that has everything you need to know about Kynect.”


Executive Director Karen Rayo-Santiago


“Today we received great news: We are #45 Income Earners with our company, Kynect, and if that wasn’t enough I get my own cover on our magazine to share with future prospects! What a humbling experience. Thanks Kynect, and thanks to my amazing team for your unconditional support!”



Executive Director Shane Callwood


“3 1/2 years ago a good friend asked me to support his business by becoming his business partner. I said yes before I knew what I was getting into. I did it just to support him as a friend. Fast forward to today, I'm featured on the 2020 magazine of the greatest company in the entire world, Kynect! Look mom, we made the magazine!”


Executive Director Alex Rodriguez


“When you go from a little boy selling magazines to appearing on the front page cover of your company’s magazine. WOW. This land of opportunities is remarkable!”


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