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February 14, 2020

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UPDATED: New Training Requirements for Illinois

December 19, 2019

12/19 UPDATE: The accreditation widget on your Kynect Central homepage is updated to show your status in Illinois! You can now see if you’re accredited in Illinois and your deadline to get re-accredited in 6 months.

Illinois Energy Accredited

No Illinois Energy Accreditation Requested

ORIGINAL POST: There’s a new training requirement for Kynect Associates who plan to market Stream energy services to customers in Illinois. These changes are new regulatory requirements sent down by the state of Illinois.

If you build your energy business in Illinois, you must complete this re-accreditation process before December 30, 2019 in order to market Stream energy services to customers in Illinois. After that date, Illinois customers will be unable to enroll under a non-re-accredited Associate.

Process for Existing Associates

Effective immediately, when you log into the Stream training portal via Kynect Central, you should be taken directly to your summary page as normal. You’ll see a new line in your summary that says you haven’t chosen to market Stream energy services in Illinois. Click “Change” and follow the prompts to watch a training video. When it ends, submit your affirmation that you watched and understood the information covered, and that’s it! You’re re-accredited and set to market in Illinois. On your summary page, you’ll now see the date your Illinois accreditation expires. More on that below.

Important note: You can (and should!) take the training now, but your accreditation won’t be reflected in the Required Energy Training widget on your Kynect Central homepage until later this month. For now, the accreditation expiration date on your summary page is how you’ll confirm you’re able to market Stream energy in Illinois. Please be patient and don’t reach out to Associate Support. We’ll let you know when you should be able to see your Illinois accreditation in the widget.

Process for New Associates

As part of the normal accreditation process, new Associates will see a prompt after the Code of Conduct page that states, “Are you planning to market to customers in any of the following states (Delaware, Illinois, New York or Ohio)?” If Illinois is selected, a six-month date stamp will appear and set their Illinois re-accreditation deadline.

Re-Accreditation Required Every Six Months

All Associates will need to complete this process for Illinois every six months to continue marketing to customers in Illinois. Soon, a countdown to your next accreditation deadline will display on your Stream’s Energy Accreditation widget in Kynect Central. The countdown begins when you acknowledge you’ve watched the training video.

Whenever you watch and reaffirm the accreditation video, the deadline resets. You’ll receive two emails, one at 30 days out and another at 10 days out, to remind you to get re-accredited, but you can be proactive by setting phone reminders to repeat every six months to ensure you stay on top of it!

Accreditation for all other states is only required to be taken once.

Remember: You must complete this accreditation before December 30, 2019 in order to continue marketing Stream energy services to customers in Illinois.

The accreditation video is now available for new and existing Associates inside Kynect Central within Stream's Energy Accreditation widget.





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