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Develop These Building Blocks with Dr. Terry Young

March 01, 2019


In order to rank advance to a top position like National Director, you have to have a strong core of Leaders who are dedicated to learning and helping others become successful. Dr. Terry and KC Young have definitely done that and credit their ascension to Kynect's highest honor to their team members.

“To create success in this business, you have to develop leaders,” he said. “That is a key attribute, but it’s not easy to do.”

Team Building

The brainchild of Dr. Terry and Presidential Director Willa Gipson has been able to spawn a movement across the country as Associates from all over the country, including in Detroit, Michigan, Miami, Florida and the greater Atlanta area, dial into Kynect.

“We have a group of high character people who care about each other and want each other to be successful,” he said. “When you have a team like that sky’s the limit.”

Finding those leaders, however, can be difficult and tricky. Dr. Terry said while sometimes you may have a good feeling about someone, he advises his team members not to prejudge.

“You really never know who’s going to be that one to develop as that leader,” he said. “Maybe they will or someone they know will surface as that leader. There’s no exact answer for it.”

He did get a good feeling about Dr. Katrina Flucas, Ronnie and Laura Millen, and Nannette and Lloyd Rolle. Those hunches turned out to be right.

“When I say they followed my lead from day one, that was them. They followed everything that Willa and I taught them. We led them in the right direction, and they took the initiative to work with their own teams without us,” he said. “That’s how you know you got that person – when people are looking to lead their own team.”

Home Meetings

Another effective approach that the Youngs have been able to successfully utilize is the home meeting. Presenting the Opportunity to prospects in a relaxed but professional environment has been vital to generating outreach within their local community. Dr. Terry said the first step is understanding the value of a home meeting and being willing to open your home to strangers.

“For me, I’m a relationship builder, and I think the home meetings are more personable,” he said. “[They’re] hard to do for some people because they think that it’s their home so we can be relaxed but you still want to have a professional meeting. As guests come to your home, they are looking at who’s presenting, and they are trying to make a decision if they want to spend time with you and spend their money to join a business.”

When teaching his team how to conduct home meetings, Dr. Terry offers these main takeaways:

  • Keep it professional
  • Start on time
  • Respect their time by limiting it to one hour
  • Strive for consistency

These basics ensure that attendees understand, although it is being held inside a home, it’s still a business meeting and they can enter the space with that mindset. Dr. Terry has been holding meetings once or twice a week at his or a teammates’ home for the past two years, with attendance anywhere between five and 50 people. He also ran corporate meetings every Tuesday night for nine years, all while he worked his full-time job as a high school principal. 

“It’s the best and most effective meeting in Georgia and that’s not me saying that, if you talk to other people then they’ll tell you that, ‘Oh Dr. Young’s meeting, that’s the one to go to,’” he said.

With our new presentation schedule pivoting to include monthly home meetings, anyone can use these takeaways to find and build success right from home.




Top Leaders


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