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Trusting the Process with New ND Oscar Rodriguez

February 15, 2019


It’s all a process.

From deciding if the Opportunity is right for you to convincing customers and prospective Associates of Kynect’s value, finding success is a long, challenging process. But for those who work hard and stick it out through highs and lows, Kynect can affect lives in ways they’ve never imagined. 

Just ask National Director Oscar Rodriguez. 

The first thing he’ll tell you, though, is that when he started, he didn’t have any network marketing experience. He had passing knowledge of the industry, of course – it’s hard to not know Mary Kay if you grew up in Dallas/Fort Worth – but he didn’t have any understanding of how the industry worked, how to be good at it, or even the level of success that is possible. 

So, although he first signed up with Kynect in 2007, Oscar didn’t start seriously working his business until three years later. Then, it took another three years for him to earn enough to quit his other side hustles and work the business full-time.

That may seem like a large time commitment, and it is. Most of our current National Directors have been in the business since the company was founded in 2005. It takes time to learn the business, Oscar says, time that new Associates may not internalize as necessary.

“They don’t understand that they have to go through that process,” he said. 

Another huge part of the process is accepting objections and rejections. It took Oscar a while to find his first Associate, but before he did, he took rejections very personally. A piece of advice from VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila helped him learn the deeper meaning behind the rejection.

“They would say no, [and] I would get mad and want to quit the business, but I had to understand that when they say no, it means I’m not ready,” he said. “Everybody is going to be your customer or Associate, but when they say no, that doesn’t mean no forever.”

He cautions his Associates against putting their energy into finding one strong, dynamic leader to fill their downlines, and instead encourages them to find that person within.

“They want somebody else to plug their business, but you have to become that person,” he said. “How do you do that? You’re going to have to go to the meetings, you’re going to have to read books, and you’re going to have to change your mindset.”

Oscars says he had to learn to be persistent, patient and resilient. When someone asked him when he was going to make National Director, he’d immediately answer with a date. But it wasn’t until he turned his focus to helping his team that he started inching closer to the goal.

Once you buy into the process, and commit yourself to learning, success will come to you.

“That’s what I love about this industry; anybody can get to the top,” he said. “If you’re persistent and if you believe you can do it, then you can.”



Top Leaders

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