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See How National Director James Levins Creates Success

February 20, 2019


When Greg and Terry Pogorzelski reached out to James Levins and declared that they wanted to promote to Executive Director, they had zero Senior Directors in their downline.

So how did they race to the ED finish line in such a short amount of time? Well, with a good game plan and an upline with experience helping others rank advance. Check out these pointers from James Levins on what it takes to set and crush your goals.

Goal Setting 101

James said the promotions from corporate help set the parameters of his goals by establishing 60- or 90-day deadlines.

“It’s not the driving force, but they help us set a goal to strive for,” he said.

Whiteboard Work

James Levins isn’t afraid to pull out the whiteboard and sketch a game plan, but he said it’s important to remember that the whiteboard is just a vision: It’s not the work.

“Some people may not have a SD code to map out, but most people don’t achieve their goals because they don’t do anything,” he said.

That work, for James’ team, consisted of two main components:

  • Trainings three times a week for everyone within 100 miles
  • Every Senior Director and above conducts one-on-one meetings 

In these meetings, his team would work together to gather customers or show the business plan to prospective Associates. If a team member was not local, then they would be plugged in to other business presentations around the country.

Build with the Right Team

There will be team members who are more engaged and active in their businesses than others.  James said don’t be afraid to dig down into your downline and find those engaged people, even new Associates, to help you chase your goals.

“We’d ask, ‘Do you want it?’ and someone would say yes,” James said.

Push Through Adversity

Customer objections. Unmotivated team members. Changing rates. These are all obstacles that you may face on your Kynect journey, but you must push through any adversity if you want to achieve your goals.

“When adversity would hit us, instead of quitting like most, we regrouped and got back to work,” James said. “Flat out – losing was not an option. Quitting was not an option.”

The Results

Through hard work and a team effort, Greg and Terry Pogorzelski were able to accomplish their dream of promoting to Executive Director, and James couldn’t be prouder. His early run to Executive Director in just six weeks may seem impossible, but he’s been able to help other Associates repeat that same success. His team helped five Senior Directors rank advance in under two months in 2011.

The simple message is to believe in yourself and work the business daily, but it’s not easy. James encourages everyone to start there if they want success. 

“When you want to achieve a goal in your life, make it a priority. If you fail, then at least you’re that much closer to achieving,” he said. 



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