Congratulations to new EDs Greg and Terry Pogorzelski!

January 04, 2019

Greg and Terry Pogorzelski of Burlington, New Jersey brought in the new year Kynect-style by promoting to Executive Director! This couple bleeds Kynect blue and has passed down the passion to their whole family. Read more to learn about how they’ve come together to conquer their goals.

In 2012, Greg worked as a union plumber and pipefitter, but says his life was boring. When jobs were available, he made enough money to get by, but lay-offs often derailed any consistent progress, and made him feel useless and unwanted. With two small children and a single household income, Greg knew the family needed something that would help them still be able to pay bills during the frequent work gaps. 

Kynect represented a way out of just living paycheck to paycheck, but he still needed the go-ahead from one very important person: his wife Terry.

“We were down to $500 left to spend on a credit card and after seeing the plan, my wife said, ‘You better make this work,’” Greg says.

With his Why set, Greg and Terry set to working the business, but their life wouldn’t change until nearly four years later when he got a call from James Levins and John Kostin.

“James started the conversation by telling me that John was making a run to Executive Director and they wanted to know if I wanted to “run” to Senior Director,” Greg says. “That was the moment I knew my life was going to change.” 

Greg and Terry decided to make their Kynect journey a family affair. The Pogorzelskis started working the business as a family and found success, earning the Power of Leadership Award in 2017. This year, the family made the 300 Club. Greg says there’s nothing like having a Plan B that keeps his family going through slow times within the union.

“This year was the first year in my career that I was laid off in the summer and I was able to spend the entire summer home with my kids,” Greg says. “My Plan B supported my family when I needed it the most.”

Kynect has helped many Pogorzelski dreams come true. At Ignition, their dream of a family vacation was granted with a $2,000 gift card to thank them for their hard work while travelling to different meetings. They did what any family would have – they went to Disneyworld!

James Levins said the Pogorzelski success isn’t just due to Greg and Terry – it’s Greg, Terry, Nate and Natalie – and that their children have been to more BPs and Kynect events than 99 percent of Associates. He offered one telling example of how the entire family helps to build the business: Terry was one Personal Customer Point away from promoting to Senior Director, so Nate went to school and asked his teachers if they could help. A teacher called Terry that day after school and became a customer.

“I could not be more proud of Greg, Terry, Nathan and Natalie for promoting to Executive Director! Their drive, dedication, hustle and love for Kynect is like no other,” Levins said. “When adversity hit (and most would’ve quit), they re-grouped, game planned and got right back to work. They are a true inspiration, not only to me personally, but the rest of the entire Kynect family. I am excited for what the future holds for the Pogo Family!” 

Greg stressed for Associates to never giving up when faced with ‘No’ on their journey.

“When someone knocks you down, get back up and work even harder.  When one door closes, it’s because another opportunity is on its way,” he said. “Remember that this isn’t a “get rich quick” type of business, it takes hard work and dedication! Everything happens for a reason, so when you are faced with difficulties, tell yourself that you are supposed to learn something from every situation whether positive or negative.”

For now, Greg’s short-term goals are to start a trust fund for his children, but he’s also looking forward to being a Top 25 Income Earner by Ignition 2020.

“I feel our future is going to be very cool. There are big things coming for the Pogo’s!”

Here’s what Kynect Founder Rob Snyder had to say about the Pogorzelski’s rise to Executive Director:

“When James Levins first keyed me into the Kynect story of the Pogorzelskis, I was hyped to have a family of this type in our leadership. It inspires others in the Kynect Army to have seen the work rate that the Pogorzelskis have demonstrated over the past several months, and indeed, it has in fact inspired me: making me want to be a more energized and proactive leader.”




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