Congratulations to New EDs Dr. Katrina and Frank Flucas!

December 06, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Katrina and Frank Flucas for advancing to the rank of Executive Director! With a mission to engage, encourage and empower others, Dr. Katrina has set and accomplished goals behind a clear vision to help others alongside her husband Frank. 

“The business has pushed me, pulled me, lifted me up and even challenged me over the last five years, but I understood that if I stayed the course things would work in our favor,” Dr. Katrina said.


A Vision and a Purpose

Dr. Katrina believes everyone has the ability to design their freedom. So when Dr. Terry and KC Young shared the Opportunity with Dr. Katrina in 2013, and she attended her first Kynect event – an Emerge in Atlanta – she saw an opportunity to impact lives. The simplicity of the business plan instantly attracted her, and before the presentation ended, she had a list of 50 names! She was well on her way to sharing Kynect with everyone she knew.

Two years later, Frank started his Kynect business and worked hard in his own right to advance to Senior Director. Once that goal was accomplished, Dr. Katrina says Frank decided that it’d be best to align their efforts and focus on getting Dr. Katrina promoted to Executive Director. 

“He saw my vision and whole-heartedly immersed himself in our Kynect journey,” Dr. Katrina said.

The hard work immediately paid off. Dr. Katrina earned the Power of Leadership Award in 2015, and the Inspiration Award in 2016.


For the Flucases, Kynect has been a community and team-based business. Together, Dr. Katrina and Frank attend many local meetings and tap into their Leaders often for wisdom and encouragement along their Kynect journey. This year, her team – the XStream Squad – adopted the motto “We Over Me” with the goal of developing a culture that focused on selflessness. With their renewed vision, the team soared to success and in July, when Dr. Katrina and Frank qualified for the 300 Club.

With their short-term goals checked off the list, the Flucases plan to work toward becoming Presidential Directors by building a strong and solid team and helping others across the country do the same. 

Best Wishes from Friends and Leaders

Some of the Flucases’ friends and fellow leaders had these things to say about their latest accomplishment:

“For five years now, we've watched Dr. Flucas excel in her Kynect Business. She saw the vision, embraced the journey, focused on developing leaders, and placed a prime focus on building a strong team. Dr. Flucas added Frank to her business, [and] later they joined hands in marriage. Frank quickly picked up Katrina's vision and together, they set out to reach their goal of promoting to ED. Frank actually went on to promote to Senior Director in his own right. On December 4, 2018, their reality came to light as Kynect officially announced them as EDs. The motto that has been developed on their team is "We Before Me." This indicates that the Flucas Team has established a culture of teamwork and placing others before them! The best quote that I can provide that represents them is ‘Logic will get you from A-Z, imagination will get you everywhere’ by Albert Einstein. We are truly blessed to have this power couple as teammates and I know they will represent the Executive Director position extremely well!”

- Dr. Terry and KC Young, Executive Directors

"We are so proud to have Dr. Katrina and Frank Flucas join the ranks of Executive Director with Kynect. Since starting their business in 2013, Katrina immediately got plugged in and locked arms with local leaders, learning from their wisdom and putting into action the proven steps for success. She has been a big contributor to the local meetings and team culture, constantly working with her team and all Associates which led to her being awarded the Inspiration and Power of Leadership Awards. This power couple’s journey to date has been truly remarkable and we can’t wait to see them take their business to even greater heights."

- Adrian Avila, Vice President of Field Operations




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