January 15, 2021

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New Videos Added to Your Video LIbrary

June 24, 2020

Have you poked around in Kynect Central lately? If so, you may have noticed you have 2 new videos in your video library, not to mention recordings of all the online trainings from the last few weeks. Make sure you go check them out and put them to good use!


Kynect “Sizzle” Video

This brand-new marketing tool is perfect for giving prospects a sense of what Kynect is all about. It’s a short, impactful video that tells our story and what we stand for. We think it’ll leave your viewer asking you to tell them more!



1) Kynect Central Video Library > Prospecting > Show the Plan

2)Kynect Share App


Best Practices: Customer Edition

Knowing how to properly enroll energy customers is becoming more important by the day—and we’re not just talking about ease of experience. Following FTC and regulatory requirements is key to the safety and sustainability of your business. Sr. Vice President of Sales Ryan Morris talks with Director of Compliance Sandra Villalobos about how you can confidently implement these best practices.


Location: Kynect Central Video Library > Business Building > Compliance Training

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