Women of Power

Women of Power Knocks It Out of the Park Again!

July 03, 2021

Thanks to every single Associate who participated in the Women of Power Mentorship Program! Since wrapping up the second course, we’ve loved hearing how much participants and mentors alike enjoyed their experience. With so many new opportunities on the horizon, we hope you can take what you learned and grow like never before.


“The mentors’ willingness to help others was the absolute best. They were so selfless with their time as well as their resources. We are grateful!”


“Just hearing how others handle the ins and outs of promoting their business helped motivate me. So many of us share the same issues. I felt encouraged each week as I participated in the training.”


“The program helped me feel more confident as I continue to push through my comfort zone.”


“The mentors’ engagement with the audience was on point, lively and positive. They are some of the best in the industry. Feeling so blessed I was part of it!”


“Great leadership tools and it helped to push my mindset! Glad to be part of it.”


One more big round of applause to the mentors and participants who made this a wonderful, unforgettable success. You were engaged, open, and always willing to lift up your peers. We can’t wait to do it again!

The Mentors


National Director Susan Fisher

2018 Women of Power Mentorship Award Winner


National Director Willa Gipson

2014 Women of Power Mentorship Award Winner


Presidential Director Bernadette Wright

2016 Women of Power Mentorship Award Winner


Executive Director Estela Sandoval

2019 Power of Leadership Award Winner


Senior Director Rossy Alanis


Senior Director Alejandrina Dominguez


The Participants

National Director Martha Troy
Executive Director Cathy Mordecai
Executive Director Charlene Day
Executive Director Tina Gordon
Senior Director April Lloyd
Senior Director Cathryn Finley
Senior Director Cherisse Dukes
Senior Director Cynthia Armstrong
Senior Director Dana Opiela
Senior Director Darunee Frank
Senior Director Dee Dee Yorek
Senior Director Diane Whitehead
Senior Director Elaine Gross
Senior Director Iris Lugo
Senior Director Karrie Jackson
Senior Director Kina Lang
Senior Director Leeanna Jackson
Senior Director Lib Grimmett
Senior Director Lisa Jones
Senior Director Marilyn Vasquez
Senior Director Mary Anne Cole
Senior Director Mary Howell
Senior Director Michelle Nickles
Senior Director Nicole Hofacker
Senior Director Nora Brinson
Senior Director Patricia Quiroz
Senior Director Paula Williams
Senior Director Ruth Lewis
Senior Director Santura Berry
Senior Director Sonya Brown-Hood
Senior Director Terresena Harp
Senior Director Vera Pereira
Managing Director Annette Locke
Managing Director Beth Oblon
Managing Director Betty (Ujima) Barcliff
Managing Director Carol Hartpence
Managing Director Cerita Henderson
Managing Director Clemencia Kim
Managing Director D'Ani Pullam
Managing Director Debbie Eberle
Managing Director Deirdra Williams
Managing Director Donna Davis
Managing Director Dorothy Scherr
Managing Director Elizabeth Guzman
Managing Director Gwen Ives
Managing Director Helen Keleta
Managing Director Jannet Muncy
Managing Director Jeannie King
Managing Director Jessica Rivera
Managing Director Jhanne Hooker
Managing Director Krysta Carbaugh
Managing Director Ladawn Vankirk
Managing Director Marie Campbell
Managing Director Melinda Hicks
Managing Director Melissa Williams
Managing Director Michelle Mcnally
Managing Director Michelle Smith
Managing Director Noemi Garcia
Managing Director Shirley Johnson
Managing Director Simone Miller
Managing Director Stacy Sweeney
Managing Director Susan Brock
Managing Director Tanisha Jackson
Managing Director Twila Hardaway
Managing Director Yvette Okeefe
Regional Director Aimee Finkenbinder
Regional Director Aminata Tobias
Regional Director Amy Smearman
Regional Director Ann Kramer
Regional Director Beth Fagioli
Regional Director Birdie Mcvaney
Regional Director Brooke Crane
Regional Director Cathy Dusman
Regional Director Cheryl Hawkins
Regional Director Chris Yeager
Regional Director Dawn Palmer
Regional Director Debra Etter
Regional Director Denise Martinez
Regional Director Doris Faul
Regional Director Eileen Shemon
Regional Director Elaine Hockenbury
Regional Director Georgia Bergados
Regional Director Gloria Pena
Regional Director Hayley Gross
Regional Director Heather Burkholder
Regional Director Heather Schisler
Regional Director Jacquelyn Mccoy
Regional Director Jennifer Vincent
Regional Director Kelli Boonstra
Regional Director Kyla Tomlin
Regional Director Mandy Whistler
Regional Director Nitaya Rice
Regional Director Pamela Thomas Whitlow
Regional Director Renee Mears
Regional Director Sherry Wendelin
Regional Director Songi Burgess
Regional Director Stacy Oliver
Regional Director Stephanie Windrom
Regional Director Tanya Merchant
Regional Director Tracy Winborn
Regional Director Tuvache Williams
Qualified Director Astier Haile
Director Babbette Desmond
Director Freweini Kiflezion
Director Kathy Reed
Director Sarita Fobbs
Guest Videll Kees



Women of Power

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