Congratulations New EDs Maria Palacios & Abraham Juarez!

July 07, 2021

Before starting their journey with ACN, Maria Palacios and Abraham Juarez had one more goal to check off their Kynect list: promoting to Executive Director. And they did it! 


Maria was first presented the opportunity to join Kynect in February 2017. Even with no experience in networking marketing, Maria immediately knew that joining the Kynect family is something she needed to do. 



A Powerful “Why”


Prior to becoming a Kynect Associate, Maria was a stay-at-home mom dedicated to taking care of her pride and joy: her children Bryan, Cynthia and Cristian. Being able to provide some residual income while still being able to be there for her kids was exactly what Maria wanted.


“The reason I started this business and continue to be a part of this team is my children,” says Maria. “They are my why!”


Thanks to their hard work and their ability to maximize the business opportunity, Maria and Abraham have succeeded in building something together that benefits their entire family. Maria feels that she can be a full-time mom thanks to Kynect.  



Now, Maria can enjoy doing what she loves the most! She can spend time with her children and be there for them for all their important milestones. But she’s also discovered that she loves helping others achieve the same type of success she has.


A Strong Support Network


Maria credits her success to all the support she’s received—from her family, to her team and their unflappable consistency and persistence, to Kynect itself. Maria always takes advantage of any opportunity to learn. She says the tools and trainings provided by Kynect have been indispensable in building her business.


All this support has helped Maria achieve great things. But one of her greatest accomplishments has been able to share the opportunity with others to help them achieve their own dreams.



“I love seeing people’s excitement when they reach a goal or reach a new rank and knowing that I played some part in that is priceless,” says Maria.


Maria and Abraham are now focused in continuing their success. With the ACN opportunity and the same support they’ve always received, their future is brighter than ever!



In 2020, the average Associate was a Regional Director and their income was $305.47; the median of all our Associates’ income was $100 while their average income was $1,495.46. In comparison, Engaged Associates earned $2,276. To learn more about earnings and "average" versus "Engaged" Associates, please visit





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