Congratulations, Kynection Award Recipients!

June 19, 2021

Another Kynection in the books, and another group of award recipients to go down in history! It was our great honor to recognize the following Associates for their unwavering efforts, admirable character, and service to others. Please join us in congratulating and celebrating all that they have achieved!


Rising Star Award


These future Top Leaders hit the ground running and promoted to Senior Director at lightning speed. They did it by being coachable and determined to make their dreams a reality, and they show no signs of slowing down!




Senior Director Morena Garay


Senior Director Veronica Caballero


Senior Director Leticia Perez


Senior Director Gregory Williams


Senior Director Nohemi Chacon Mellado


Senior Director Indira Simon Reyes


Senior Director Alexander Yaworsky


Senior Director Angela Buenrostro



Power of Leadership Award


Our business wouldn’t be possible without dedicated leaders blazing a path for everyone. These Associates didn’t hesitate to embrace their role as an example to the rest of the field by pouring themselves into the success of others and staying engaged every single day.





Executive Directors Estela & Raul Sandoval


Executive Director Faith Ware


Executive Director Darrell Watkins


Executive Director Elva A. Davila


Senior Director Rubia Mancia


Senior Director Abner Jesus Camarillo Sanchez


Senior Directors Elizabeth & Sergio Guzman


Senior Director Aurora Tellez Montiel


Senior Directors Jeana & Brett Einhaus


Senior Directors Rita & Tony Murgidi


Senior Director Nicole Hofacker



Inspiration Award


Our stories shape who we are, and our experiences color the way we treat others. The Inspiration Award is given to those whose profound stories have inspired others in our community to action.




National Director Anthony Cooper


Presidential Director George Koufalis


Executive Director Guy Pryor



Women of Power Mentor Award


A true Woman of Power is dedicated to the success of those around her, helping them build confidence and new skills that will carry them far. She is a mentor, a servant leader and, most importantly, a friend.





National Director Blanca Morales


Spirit of Kynect Award


Recipients of this award possess a kind of energy and winning attitude that are infectious. They believe wholeheartedly in Kynect’s mission to change as many lives as possible, and embody that mission in all they do.





Executive Director Brian Dilsheimer


Assist Award


Assist Award recipients are a constant source of inspiration to those around them and are always willing to help, often without fanfare or public recognition. That’s because they harbor a deep, burning desire to see those around them become the best version of themselves.





Executive Director Felipe Rodriguez

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