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Congrats, New Executive Directors Mercedes & Mario Guevara!

3 days ago

Mercedes and Mario Guevara of Lawrenceville, GA, have never had trouble staying busy. Raising and providing for their 5 sons (all with the initials M.R.G.) has always been their greatest joy. And while Mercedes is grateful they’ve always had plenty of work to support their children as they grow into fine young men, it didn’t come without sacrifice.


With a full plate and a full heart, Mercedes was constantly on the lookout for better ways to provide for her family; something that would open up her life and let her enjoy more time with them.


That search ended in December 2015, when Kynect came into her life. And today, we celebrate the Guevaras as our newest Executive Directors!



Little by Little


At first, Mercedes focused on using Kynect as a money-making venture that could easily fit into her free time while she worked her primary job as a nanny. She says the business made perfect sense to her because it could help families with something they always have to pay for—not something extra or optional.


Over time, her view of Kynect shifted. “It has impacted me little by little and has begun to scale gradually, both financially and personally.” Mercedes says. “Kynect has developed my leadership skills and ability to transfer positive energy to others in an intentional way.”



Mercedes has seen the way purpose can transform and heal others. Some of her fondest memories involve intimate moments with friends who needed a lifeline. Together, they used the business to give each day meaning and create a support system that would always be there in times of hardship. 


Mercedes in a Mercedes


With accolades under her belt like the Power of Leadership Award and the Lifestyle Achievement Bonus, Mercedes is building her success story block by block. She cites perseverance and action as the fuel that feeds her fire, always focused on helping that next person reach their goals. Her upline, Executive Director Enrique Alatrista, recognized her passion immediately:


“Mercedes was determined from day one to advance in the company and she stayed the course,” he says. “The great thing about her accomplishment is that it demonstrates the viability of our business platform and proves that anyone can reach the highest levels of our company if they focus on the task: Get a handful of customers and show the plan.”



At the end of every day, it comes down to the people. Mercedes finds strength in the relationships she’s built, describing them as family rather than business partners. She believes there’s no limit to what they can accomplish together. She’s even discovered something new in herself: a leader who is passionate about helping and educating others.


As her confidence grows, so does the mark she leaves on the world. Mercedes wakes up each day eager to make it better than the last.


“Every day has a purpose. Every day brings something new. A new opportunity, a new person to meet, something new to learn, something new to do for the first time. This journey is opening up my world!”


In 2020, the average Associate was a Regional Director and their income was $305.47; the median of all our Associates’ income was $100 while their average income was $1,495.46. In comparison, Engaged Associates earned $2,276. To learn more about earnings and "average" versus "Engaged" Associates, please visit wekynect.com/incomedisclosure.




Top Leaders

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