April 01, 2021

Out now: Stream’s Conserve & Save 12 plan lets customers save more when they use less energy. Expand

March 29, 2021

Heads up! New rates in Pennsylvania and Maryland will go into effect on March 30. Expand

March 25, 2021

Decreased TDU changes for CenterPoint, which serves Houston and the surrounding area will go into effect March 30. Check the Rates page on March 30 for new pricing. Expand


The Return of Level 0 MEI

March 31, 2021

With Brinks Home Security® on board, Truvvi™ growing every day, a bright future for wireless, and Stream’s status as a trusted energy provider, there’s no better time to reinstate a popular earning path that’s all about you and your personal customer enrollments. Level 0 MEI has returned, and you’ll see your first payout on your April MEI check!

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Your Leadership Council was the driving force behind reinstating Level 0 MEI. Watch this special message from Director of Field Training Greg Savage and the Council to hear why they wanted to get this powerful earning opportunity back into your hands and help you earn each time you or your personal customers pay a service bill.



Here’s how the changes work:

  • To earn MEI on your personal customers, you must be qualified as a Regional Director with at least 100 Customer Points based on end of month qualification requirements.
  • You’ll earn Standard MEI on all your active personal customers who have a half point value or greater.
  • Level 0 MEI will replace Referral Bonuses for Wireless Services, Truvvi and Brinks Home Security.
  • The Referral Bonus program ends tonight after 11:59 p.m. CT. If you have any Truvvi referrals who are pending, they need to spend at least $25 or upgrade by the cutoff to trigger a Referral Bonus. Wireless customers need an enrollment date of March 31, 2021 or prior to trigger a Referral Bonus.

And on the subject of Referral Bonuses: We’re replacing the Referral Income Guide with the new 2021 Programs Guide. It’s a full roundup of the earning programs, incentives and promotions available to you, all condensed into a single document. We’ll update it monthly, so check in often for the latest version!


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