July 15, 2021

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Women of Power

We’re Switching It Up in 2021

February 09, 2021

Welcome to a new year, Women of Power! There’s nothing like a clean slate to get you thinking about the endless possibilities ahead. Speaking of, how’s your goal setting for 2021 going? No matter how big or small your plans may be, it’s so important to define goals that align with your vision for success.


As you tackle those goals, your Women of Power community will be running alongside you! Frequent check-ins with the squad can help you stay inspired and accountable for the work you need to put in this year. In 2021, our Zoom conference calls will be held every other Monday to help you start your week with purpose.


Here are the details for our next call and a look ahead at all the guest speakers for the first part of the year!


Women of Power Conference Call

Every Other Monday 

@ 9:30 a.m. CT 


Visit the Women of Power Facebook Group for details on how to join!



Karen Rayo Santiago

2/22: Executive Director Karen Rayo Santiago


Krissy Kressler

3/8: Senior Director Krissy Cressler

Amy Corson-Nadell

3/22: Executive Director Amy Corson-Nadell*

Amy Corson-Nadell

4/5: Executive Director Angie Kriner-Doorfee*

Laura Millen

4/19: Executive Director Laura Millen

Karen Rayo Santiago

5/3: Executive Director Karen Rayo Santiago

Chelsey Berend

5/17: Vice President of Field Experience Chelsey Berend



No Call

5/31: No Call—Memorial Day

Chelsey Berend

6/14: Executive Director Dr. Katrina Flucas


Estela Sandoval

6/28: Executive Director Estela Sandoval



*Previous Women of Power Mentor award winner



Women of Power

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