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An Energy Solution for Your Texas Neighbors

5 days ago

On behalf of the entire Kynect Family—including Associates, the Home Team, and our partners at Stream—our thoughts are with all those impacted by the historic winter storm that swept through Texas earlier this week. We know it’s been a frightening and frustrating few days for millions of people. Our hearts go out to them.


As our state recovers, now is the time to be a proud Kynect Associate! Remember you’re able to offer a possible solution to those who are now facing electric bills with a comma, loss of income, or costly home repairs. If they need a support network to lean on or a cause to believe in, they have options with Kynect and a community filled with people willing to guide them.

This is a turbulent time for Texas energy companies. Customers using wholesale energy providers are already seeing their bills increase, some by even thousands of dollars. Many energy companies are facing closures and will be going out of business. Thousands of customers will be impacted, not to mention all the employees and communities who will feel the effects as well. 


We're grateful to have partnered with one of the largest energy companies that has provided not only stability for our customers, but belief and confidence as well. If you’re in conversation with someone who’s distressed over a high bill, take time to educate them on the benefits of a fixed-rate energy plan. Price certainty and peace of mind are invaluable in the best of times, but especially during significant weather events that can cause prices to fluctuate wildly. Fixed-rate customers are protected throughout their contract term, no matter the market conditions.


Stream is currently offering their Simple & Secure Plus plan where customers lock in a competitive rate for 36 months, regardless of the unpredictable Texas weather. As an added benefit, a new customer will also receive a $50 bill credit* after their third monthly invoice. It’s Stream’s way of helping, giving back and simply saying “thanks” for being a new customer. If you know of someone who’s looking for a new, reliable energy provider, this may be a good choice for them


These seemingly small gestures could make all the difference to your neighbors. Help them understand how to stay protected by an energy partner they can count on. Let them know they have options. And most importantly, remind them you’re here to help if they need it.


*Terms and conditions apply. See MyStream.com for full details.

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