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Lifestyle Achievement Bonus Qualification Deadline Extended

December 23, 2020

As we all know, this year has brought on many challenges and we realized that gathering customers in the current climate has been one of them. We also recognized that many of you have been working hard and doing your best to acquire the customers needed to qualify for the Lifestyle Achievement Bonus. So please help us congratulate these 2020 qualifiers!

Grace. It’s a word you have heard us say to describe 2020. And well, this is a perfect example of how to best show grace. There are many of you who are close to qualifying, and we wanted to help. We are excited to announce that we will be extending the deadline to qualify for the Lifestyle Achievement Bonus Program to February 28, 2021. That’s right! You have an extra 2 months to meet the requirements for 2020!

Here's How You Qualify:

But there is more! You’ll get to double-dip on the customer points gathered between January 1, 2021 through February 28, 2021. Points gathered during this time frame will count towards the current qualification period AND the 2021 qualification period!

End this year strong and start next year on the right path. Build towards Super Saturday! This virtual event is designed to propel your business to the next level and help you gather the customers you may need to qualify! The event is free to attend, and we will be revealing our new Business Presentation 😊. Please do not let this 2-month grace go to waste.

We are excited to see where 2021 takes you, and of course, you always look better in a Mercedes!

NEW QUALIFIERS: New qualifiers that meet the qualifications by December 31, 2020 will begin receiving their Lifestyle Achievement Bonus in January. Those that meet the qualifications by February 28, 2021 will begin receiving their Lifestyle Achievement Bonus in March 2021.

2019 QUALIFIERS: Those that qualified in 2019 that meet the qualifications by either December 31, 2020 or February 28, 2021 will continue to drive their vehicle or continue to receive the stipend. 

Stipend Options:


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