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These Brinks Home Security Stories Are POWERFUL!

December 21, 2020

What’s the buzz on Brinks Home Security®? We love what we’re hearing so far! Associates across the country have been sharing their stories about the service and technology behind one of the nation’s leading alarm monitoring companies. Spoiler alert: It’s all awesome.


Each week, Sr. Vice President of Sales Ryan Morris takes to Facebook Live to interview Associates about their experience. Here’s just a snippet of their testimonials:



Shane Callwood ED

“The young man who came to install my system showed me how to use it in 30 seconds. I love it. The cost is very inexpensive for what they’re giving you. They’re the best in the business and they’ll be there to protect you and your family for the years to come.”— Executive Director Shane Callwood



2012 Kressler-BHS

“My oldest son is non-verbal. When I told Brinks Home Security about him during my enrollment call, they specifically homed in on him—his medical needs, where his bedroom is located. Listening to them ask all these questions, I had this sense of peace come all over me. This isn’t just about a security system. It’s so much more than that.”—Senior Director Krissy Cressler




“I realized we were paying too much for some of the services in our house, and home security was one of them. We’re saving $200 a month with Brinks Home Security, so it was a total no brainer. It was an extremely easy process and customer service is wonderful.” — National Directors Jeanie & Presley Swagerty


Catch more testimonials like these throughout December on the Life Kynected – Kynect Associates Facebook page every Monday at 12 p.m. CT!


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Just like these Associates, you can jump into the pilot now and get a $200 rebate, a chance to win a 55” TV from Brinks Home Security, and one item crossed off your Kynect 4 Holiday Kash promo on your way to $1,000! Head to Kynect Central and go to Services > Brinks Home Security Pilot Program to get started.



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