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Congrats Anecia & Ron Anglin, Our Newest Executive Directors

December 11, 2020

In 2008, Winchel Elibert presented the Kynect business to a man named Ron Anglin. They were in a hotel in Atlanta, about 20 miles away from Stone Mountain, where Ron lives now. As he watched the plan unfold, Ron’s interest was plagued by the thought of his already very full plate.


Running several brick-and-mortar businesses. A large family, including a bonus daughter (his wife’s niece). Where would he possibly find the time? As he tells it, he wasn’t facing any particular struggles. He was just a busy guy with little free time and a demanding routine.


Now, he realizes—or rather his wife of 21 years, Anecia, likes to remind him—that routine was the struggle. Today, we can safely say he has overcome it as we welcome Anecia and Ron as our newest Executive Directors!



Something Different


When the chance came around again to join the business in 2012, Ron jumped on board. He found a way to fit Kynect into his routine. And ultimately, he was surprised to find just how much life and possibility the business injected into his day-to-day.


“Joining Kynect has given me a much-needed outlet from my usual routine,” Ron says. “I’m passionate about helping people. I’ve lived long enough to know that I’m here by the grace of God and I like to pay it forward every chance I get. I really enjoy telling people about the opportunity and how it’s helped me.”


Over the years, working his business, attending events and connecting with leaders has revealed qualities in himself that Ron never expected to find. He’s a self-described laid-back guy who usually prefers to keep his head down and get to work. Kynect taught him the value of those characteristics.


“Now I’m proud to show others how to do the same,” Ron says. “I talk more and reach out to just about everybody around me about the opportunity. It feels great to help others on whatever level they may want to experience Kynect, either as a customer or Associate. It’s even better when they want to do both!”





Since starting their journey, the Anglins have walked across the event stage multiple times to be recognized for their work ethic and achievements, including several years in the 300 Club. Ron says the perks are great, and the feeling of getting something extra for doing a business he thought he had no time for is amazing.


But more than income and incentives, he says he’s found value in something else unexpected.


“It’s challenged me to move out of the box, and allowed me to meet some very influential people. It’s priceless.”


For Anecia and Ron, Kynect means community. A community of believers in service to others. It’s a blessing they hope to continue to share with many more people down the road.


“Ron is very consistent, embraces a positive attitude, and is always plugged in to Team of Action,” says National Director Mark Florez. “I am so proud of his accomplishments and look forward to his future success.”


The Anglins aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

“There’s no ceiling on my Kynect life! I’m gonna keep moving and bring along anyone who wants to join me.”


Income Disclosure: In 2017 the average Associate was a Director and their income was $178.07; the median of all our Associates’ income was $64.25. In comparison, engaged Associates earned $1,139. To learn more about earnings and “average” versus “engaged” Associates, visit wekynect.com/incomedisclosure.




Top Leaders

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