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December 23, 2020

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New York Reset Order Deadline Extended to 2/14/21

September 25, 2020

As always, Stream is working hard to support the New York market through the pending New York Public Service Commission (PSC) Reset Order, which has now been extended to take effect on February 14, 2021*. It’s been quite a while since the initial announcement of this order, so let’s recap what you need to know.


Reset Order Summary


Earlier this year, the New York PSC adopted an order requiring retail energy companies to change the products they offer in New York to meet certain standards. Stream got to work updating its offer to remain operational in the state and to support your business. For a more in-depth look at the order and how it impacts you and your customers, make sure you read the FAQs carefully.

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What About the Runway?

We won’t be extending the runway, originally intended to help support New York Associates as they moved their customers to the new green plan. The reset order deadline has been extended several times, creating a much longer, natural runway for you to work with.


Stream’s Response


In response to the order, Stream set out to minimize its impact and remain operational in New York.


For Electricity Customers

A new Stream Green 50 plan, designed solely for residential electricity customers, is available. This compliant plan follows the incumbent utility’s pricing with an added monthly charge of $4.95** to help offset 50% in-state renewable energy. Stream Green 50 is the only offer available for new and existing customers in New York.


For Gas Customers

To continue to serve new and renewing New York gas customers, Stream is offering new 12-month and 24-month fixed-term gas plans in CONED, NYSEG, NATGRID, and RGE. The fixed term helps ensure your customers can stick with Stream and minimize the risk of being returned to the local utility once the order takes effect.


Your Next Steps


To get ahead of the reset order, continue sharing Stream Green 50 and the new gas plans with customers. 


  • Head to Kynect Central and pull up your Personal Customer Report to see whose electricity contracts expire before February or are currently on a variable month-to-month plan. Then…

    Have your eligible customers renew to the new plan online at mystream.com/renew. They’ll need their Stream account number and the last 4 digits of their social security number.


    Have your eligible customers call Stream Customer Support at 866-447-8732 to renew or convert to the new plan.

  • Leverage your Associate Downline Report and reach out to your team so they can engage with their personal customers and move them over to the Stream Green 50 plan. 

  • As always, new customers can enroll on Stream Green 50 and the new gas plans online through your Homesite if you’re a Kynect Pro subscriber or over the phone with Stream Customer Support by calling 866-447-8732.

We will continue to share news on the reset order and any changes to Stream's service offerings as they become available.


*The order’s effective date of February 14, 2021 is subject to delay or change based on further developments with the New York PSC and the legal and regulatory process.




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