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Meet Our New Nationwide Service Partner!

May 06, 2020

In case you haven’t heard by now, there’s a new service partner in town! We’re so thrilled to announce that Brinks Home Security™ is joining the Kynect service lineup in the near future, adding a true nationwide offer to our catalog and the prospect of limitless expansion to our future.


Get to Know Our New Partner


Brinks Home Security is a national brand that protects over 1 million people. They've been rated #1 in customer satisfaction with pro-installed home security systems, 2 years in a row by J.D. Power. Every bit of this credibility and brand recognition will be yours to leverage as you grow your business and offer invaluable peace of mind to customers.


We have always provided essential services, and in today’s world, safety and security are more essential than ever. When times are tough, people want to feel protected. Soon, we’ll be able to satisfy that need by offering Brinks Home Security to our family and friends.


Kynect Smart Security Package Pilot Program


Before the official Kynect launch of Brinks Home Security, we need your help to test drive the service. Soon, Associates will have the chance to participate in a pilot program, which will offer access to an exclusive security package at an exclusive price. The Kynect Smart Security Package includes:


- 1 IQ Panel

- 2 Motion Sensors

- 3 Door/Window Sensors

- 1 Video Doorbell

- Yard Sign

- Window Stickers

- Free Pro Installation

-Brinks Home Security™ Mobile App





With a 36-month agreement, the package is $0 down and $49/month with approved credit, or $399 down and $39/month otherwise. We’ll share more details about how to join the pilot soon.


A partnership with Brinks Home Security coupled with the upcoming launch of Truvvi signals exciting times ahead for Kynect and your business. We’re fortunate to be where we are, with much more to look forward to!


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