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Sign Up for the Brinks Home Security Pilot

May 18, 2020

Who wants to take Brinks Home Security™ for a spin? Today, we’re excited to launch the pilot program for our new nationwide service. Associates can now get the Kynect Smart Security package at an exclusive price and help us fine-tune the experience before it’s made available to customers.

Get Started


Step 1: Click below to fill out a quick form with your contact details. Near the top of the form, you’ll be asked to enter your ZIP code so we can confirm the pilot is available where you live.

Complete the Form


Remember: This pilot is for eligible Associates who are not currently Brinks Home Security customers; if you already have service with them, you won’t be eligible to participate.



Step 2: When you submit your form, you’ll be prompted to call Brinks Home Security to complete your enrollment. Make sure you have about 20 minutes to chat, have a payment method ready, and be prepared to set an installation date. If you’re interested in add-on products for your service, familiarize yourself with them prior to the call.


Brinks Home Security set up a dedicated Kynect phone line (thanks, guys!) to make this process as seamless as possible. Based on all the excitement around the partnership, there could be high call volumes at first. If you have trouble getting through, leave a voicemail and hang tight. Someone from Brinks Home Security Support will call you back within 72 hours to get you set up.


Step 3: Let our partner handle it from there! They’ll work with you to set up a safe, social distancing-approved installation appointment.


About That $200 Bonus…


Yes, we’re sweetening the deal! Thirty days after signing your security package contract, you’ll be eligible to receive a one-time $200 bonus!


This is an exciting time to be part of the Kynect Family and get to know our new nationwide partner! If you live in a participating market, we strongly encourage you to be part of this test run. For more info on Brinks Home Security and the pilot program, make sure to read through the FAQs below.


View FAQs




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