April 01, 2021

Out now: Stream’s Conserve & Save 12 plan lets customers save more when they use less energy. Expand

March 29, 2021

Heads up! New rates in Pennsylvania and Maryland will go into effect on March 30. Expand

March 25, 2021

Decreased TDU changes for CenterPoint, which serves Houston and the surrounding area will go into effect March 30. Check the Rates page on March 30 for new pricing. Expand


Master These Business Building Blocks

May 07, 2020

Have you ever been so fixated on an end goal that you very nearly forget the steps you should take to get there? In your quest for success, it’s easier than you think to lose sight of the simplicity that drew you to the business in the first place. Slow down. Take a breath.


Let’s bring simplicity back to your business.


Basics Training with the Northeast Gang


Saturday, May 9 @ 9 a.m. CT


Featured Trainers

Presidential Director Mike Foti

Executive Director Angie Kriner-Doorfee

Executive Director Brian Dilsheimer

Executive Director Brett Morrow

Executive Director Amy Nadell

Executive Director Jeff Stier


Watch at wekynect.com/training


These Top Leaders are going to show you why a simple approach to your Kynect business is the surest path to duplication. Whether you’re a Kynect veteran or just getting started, watch along to see how to master the basic skills and steps that lead to growth and filter them throughout your entire team!




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