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March 29, 2021

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Huge Wireless News: The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Is Complete

April 06, 2020

Earlier this week, the Big 4 wireless companies became the Big 3. After years of negotiations and legal hurdles, T-Mobile and Sprint have completed their merger. We’ve been looking forward to this news for a long time because it has the potential to completely transform our Wireless Services business—eventually.


On paper, T-Mobile and Sprint are a single carrier now. But the actual impact of that—for your business and your customers—may not be apparent for quite some time.


A Long Road Ahead


The most important thing to understand is we won’t see any changes overnight. In fact, it’s going to be business as usual for at least a year, maybe longer. It will take time for the companies to align on a corporate level, then we can begin seeing changes and benefits trickle in. T-Mobile plans to…

  • Invest a massive $40 billion in the network and its people over the next 3 years.
  • Build a nationwide 5G network that will drive innovation, grow the economy and connect every American.

Customer Impact


Again, not much will change on this front right now. Our plan, pricing and processes are the same. We do know a bit about device compatibility down the road, which will impact some customers. In simple terms, newer phones will be easier to transition while older models will be more difficult.



What We Can Do Now


Build, build, build! As Bouncer put it on Wednesday Night Live this week, our pricing is on fire right now. Your wireless business has never been better positioned for growth than it is now if you share this plan far and wide. This is the perfect opportunity to leverage the recent online training from National Director Jim Spargur to find out how he got over 1,000 wireless customers in his downline.

Watch the Training

It’s time to get moving with Wireless Services and position ourselves as a major player in the industry!




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