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Heads up! New rates in New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Delaware will go into effect on January 15. Expand

December 23, 2020

As we all prepare to spend some much needed time with loved ones for the holidays, please take note of these office hours. Expand


New Kynection Dates Are Here!

March 13, 2020

It’s official! We’re now heading to Fort Worth for Kynection in August. Better late than never, right? We’re so excited this could come together as quickly as it did so we can get this show back on the road. 

Kynection 2020

August 27-29, 2020
Fort Worth, TX

As a reminder, all existing registrations will automatically transfer to these new dates. No action required from you! If you have questions or concerns about this, contact Associate Support at as@wekynect.com or 833-859-6328.

New Registrations

We will absolutely open up registration again in the future. For now, registration will remain closed while we monitor the CDC’s recommendations for big events. 

Travel Tips

1. If you booked a flight and haven’t changed your trip, now is the time. Rebook for the new dates as soon as you can. We've compiled a list of airline policies to help.

2. We’ll send out new discounted hotel links in the coming weeks and let you know when you can start booking your rooms. 

3. If you booked your hotel through VIP Travel for the old dates, find your confirmation email to see if your stay is refundable. If it is, request your refund ASAP. If it’s not refundable, contact VIP Travel support to see if they’ll work with you to change your booking to the new event dates. Let them know you were traveling to an event that had to be rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

4. If you booked a room at the Hilton or Omni in Fort Worth through Kynect’s reservation link, cancel your room within 72 hours of your original check-in date. If not, you may be charged per hotel policy.






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