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July 02, 2020

Keep these office closures in mind for the upcoming holiday weekend have a great Fourth of July! Expand

June 29, 2020

Help energy customers beat the heat by sharing Stream’s “Summer Heat” flyer with simple energy-saving tips. Expand

June 29, 2020

AEP Central delivery charges updates are now in effect. Check the Rates page for new pricing. Expand

June 25, 2020

TDU charge updates for AEP Central will go into effect June 29. Check the Rates page on June 29 for new pricing. Expand

June 23, 2020

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June 19, 2020

The corporate office is closed today, Friday, June 19 in observation of Juneteenth. Expand


Get Kynected Magazine Is Here!

March 21, 2020

Looking for a perfectly professional tool to share all the best of Kynect? The wait is over! We’re proud to present Get Kynected magazine, available right now in the online Kynect Store for a special limited-time price.



Pack of 10: $25/ea.

5 or more packs of 10: $20/ea.

+ shipping

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From success stories to personal development to a little Kynect cultural flair, this magazine can be your go-to resource for showing prospects what makes this opportunity so unique and viable for people from all walks of life.


Here’s what Top Leaders have to say about using previous issues to grow their business:


“Kynect did a phenomenal job of portraying all aspects of what this business can do for you! In any business, you need valuable resources to market what you do and how it can help others. This magazines does just that! It will serve as a marketing tool for new prospects to see how Kynect can enhance their life. Whatever the "why," the idea that we have our magazine to use as a marketing strategy has the potential to explode our business beyond what the eye can see! In one word: Explosive!” – National Director Dr. Terry Young


“I learned firsthand how valuable it was to use the magazine as a tool to share this amazing business with others who were on the fence about trying Kynect. Not only could they relate to my story in the magazine and see how real this business is, but they could see other stories of successful people starting their business to better their families’ lives.” – Executive Director Angie Kriner-Doorfee


“This magazine has always been a tremendous tool in helping me build my business. The best way it worked for me was to hand them out and ask the person to read it and return it within 24 to 48 hours. This gives them a sense of urgency and gives you the opportunity to follow up quickly. Be familiar with the magazine and find and match up your prospects with the other stories inside.” – Executive Director Wayne Pekarski


Make sure you watch Adrian Avila’s overview of the magazine and Presidential Director Willa Gipson’s Kynection on Demand training that covers how to best use it to your advantage. Then grab a pack and start using them to explode your business!

Watch Willa’s Training

Watch Adrian’s Overview




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