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November 10, 2020

On Friday, November 13, the New York electricity rates on the Stream Green 50 plan are updating to follow the local utilities price. Expand

October 30, 2020

Increased TDU changes will go into effect across Texas on November 2. Check the Rates page on Monday for new pricing. Expand

October 29, 2020

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Stream Brings Exciting Energy Updates to All Markets

March 21, 2020

Associates, get ready to get into action! Stream is fueling your business with exciting energy updates in all markets—Texas, Northeast, Midwest and Georgia—to help accelerate your business to the next level.  Check out these updates below.




Texas, meet Smart Choice 60! Stream’s latest plan for new Texas residential customers features their longest term ever at 60 months and rates as low as 9.4 cents per kWh*. Renewing customers will also have a new 60-month offer – Smart & Secure 60! New and renewing customers will enjoy price certainty at a competitive rate for 60 months with these new fixed-term plans. Start sharing these offers today and lock your customers and MEI in for the long haul!



And Texas, that’s not all! We know your customers love the low rate offered with Simple & Secure 36, so Stream is lowering the rate of this 36-month fixed-rate plan even lower! New Texas residential customers will now see rates as low as 9.9 cents per kWh*.



If you’re sharing Stream services in Texas, now is the time to ramp up and lock your customers in these low rates before the summer heat hits! Visit MyStream.com for full details on these exciting new plans.


*Rates vary based on utility and are subject to change without notice.




Georgia, we have exciting new updates for your new and renewing gas customers. Stream is replacing the 6-month offer currently at 43.8 cents with a 12-month plan at a lower price of 33.8 cents! Stream is also replacing the 18-month plan with a 24-month plan priced at 39.8 cents. These updates allow you to offer your customers 2 plans with a lower price at a longer term, keeping them happier for longer.



Northeast & Midwest


Associates in the Northeast and Midwest should love this news: Make your new and renewing customers’ day by offering even lower, more competitive electricity rates.


·      In Pennsylvania, Stream is replacing its 6-month offer with an even more competitive 12-month plan across all utilities in PA. Customers will get longer price certainty at a lower price.

·      In New Jersey, Stream has lowered the rate on their 6-month plan for new and renewing electricity customers in JCPL and ACE.

·      In Maryland, Stream has also lowered rates on the 6-month plan in the biggest utilities (BGE & PEPCO), while maintaining the competitive pricing for the rest of the utilities. This means Stream currently has 2 plans that are highly competitive against the incumbent, the 6-month and the 18-month across all utilities.

·      In Ohio, Stream also lowered their 6-month plan where you’ll see rates in the 4 cent range in most utilities for new and renewing customers.


New and renewing gas customers are also in for a treat: Stream lowered gas rates across most markets in this region, giving you competitive rates to share with your customers.



Visit the Rates page on Currents for full rate details.


Stream for Business


Stream for Business (formerly Commercial) has some big updates to share as well! All markets will now have 5-year offerings, no matter the business size or location.


In Texas, new and renewing small business customers have a new long-term offer: Business Lock 60. Like Smart Choice 60 for Texas residential customers, Business Lock 60 is Stream’s longest term ever at 60 months and offers competitive pricing and price certainty that business customers want. With Business Lock 60, empower your business customers to focus on what really matters, rather than worrying about their energy plan.


Reminder: Now is the time to target new and renewing medium-sized businesses in Texas. Why? Pricing is the most competitive it’s ever been, and Stream is offering up to 5-year terms on electricity plans. And remember, Medium Businesses in Texas still work with Account Executives for custom-tailored quotes by emailing or calling Stream.


Take advantage of these rates and get with your customers today! As always, the latest rates and plan details can be found on the Rates page and MyStream.com.

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