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Win Dinner with Rob & Pierre!

February 28, 2020


Want to grab a bite with Founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji? How about an exclusive training for your entire team courtesy of National Directors Presley Swagerty & Randy Hedge? You’ll have your shot to claim one of these experiences (plus many more) during the Kynect Foundation’s silent auction at Kynection!

The Goal

100% of all proceeds from the silent auction will go toward the Kynect Foundation’s goal of sponsoring a soldier athlete from the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF). ATF provides adaptive performance and athletic training to soldiers and veterans with life-altering injuries. They do this completely free of charge using donations from organizations like the Kynect Foundation.

You can also visit the Kynect Store during the event and donate any amount to our goal to receive a free Kynect Foundation bracelet.

Auction Items

Dinner for 2 with Founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji in Dallas

Dinner for 2 with Rob Snyder, CEO Bouncer Schiro and CSO Steve Fisher in Dallas

3 hours of team training from National Directors Presley Swagerty and Randy Hedge

3 hours of team training from Presidential Directors Susan Fisher and Willa Gipson

Wireless Services bundle: 2 Samsung S8+; 1 year of unlimited talk, text and data + Global Pass ($2,309 retail value)

Stop by the Kynect Foundation booth to place your bid on an incredible prize in support of a cause that lies at the heart of the Kynect Foundation’s mission and learn how you can get involved in your own community!

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