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The Latest on the Leadership Pool

February 05, 2020

As you know, our top priority is making sure you have everything you need to accelerate your business and reach your goals. That includes making sure you’re protected from the ever-changing regulatory requirements that govern our industry. So, with that in mind, we wanted to share some changes to the Leadership Pool for 2020.

For All Executive Directors and Above…

You do not need to meet any travel requirements to get an earned share of the Leadership Pool. You just need to meet your paid Weekly Bonus requirement. With the changes we recently announced to the incentives program, that amount is now based on how much MEI you earned in 2019.

We’ll continue to email the quarterly travel sign-up link to all EDs and above. Even though President’s Club members are the only ones required to travel to earn a locked share, which we’ll now call the Travel Benefit share, we encourage all leaders to travel and let us know when and where you’re going. That will help us choose speakers and promote the events you’re traveling to.

For President’s Club Members…

As a Top Earner of Kynect, we want you out and about, helping us build and develop the rest of the field! Your travel requirements still stand to earn your Travel Benefit share. We will pre-pay the Travel Benefit for the first quarter of 2020 (January – March) to help you get out there and share your experience and knowledge with your Kynect Family.

If you don’t meet your travel requirements in the first quarter, you won’t receive your Travel Benefit in the second quarter of 2020 (April – June). The Travel Benefit will be evaluated like this for each quarter going forward.

New President’s Club Members

At Kynection 2020, we’ll announce the newest members of the President’s Club. If you’ve cracked the Top 50, you’ll start receiving the pre-paid Travel Benefit share in April and be monitored for the second quarter travel requirements. If you’re no longer in the President’s Club after Kynection, you won’t receive the second quarter Travel Benefit payout.

Our 15th year of business is already shaping up to be electric, and with our Top Leaders setting the pace for the rest of Kynect, we know 2020 is going to be the start of our best decade ever!

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